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Duel's of Chaos (Episode 1: The Beggining)


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Our story begins when young Duelist Nick runs to his home to tell of some big news.


Nick: Mom! Dad!


Mom & Dad: What is it?


Nick: There's a Duel Monsters Tournament today! I wanna enter!


Mom: Fine, but be home by 6.


Nick: Thanks!


So Nick ran to the Tournament Site.

And soon enough, he ran into an old friend.


Nick: James?


James: Nick?


Nick: You're here, too!


James: Yep, the prelims are starting.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please make your way to one of the 10 doors to start our test!


The two friends went into a door, and met their challenger.


Lyn: Hi, my name is Lyn. I'm your opponet.


Nick: Okay, Let's go!




Nick: I start! I'll summon, "Fatty Cat"!

ATK/ 1500 DEF/ 1300

and one card face-down.


Lyn: My turn!

(Well, If I Attack, that face-down could be a trap)

Hmph! I summon, "Katana Woman"!

ATK/ 1500 DEF/ 1600

and I play this card, "Katana Squadron"

Which lets me Summon a new monster!


Nick: (Heh, you try that. My Trap will stop it)


Lyn: Now go, "Katana Striker"!

ATK/ 1800 DEF/ 300

And I end my turn.



Now I play the Field Spell, "Fatty Cat Kitchen"

Which boosts my Fatty Cat's Attack Points by 200!


Lyn: So, what are you planning?


Nick: Fusion.

I play "Polymerization" to fuse Fatty Cat and T.J, to form..


Lyn: ?


Nick: "Dash Cat"!

ATK/ 2000 DEF/ 1800

And when m "Dash Cat" is Summoned, I can Inflict 2000 Points of Direct Dmage!


Lyn: What..?



Meanwhile, James was also Dueling.


James: Now then, " Rage Swordsman", finish him!

That was so easy.


Stevie: But, how did I lose?


James: Sigh. You lost because you forgot to switch your "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress" to Defense mode.


Stevie: Oh, well, you win I guess. Here's your Bronze Pass.


James: I wonder how Nick is doing.


Episode two:


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