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Death's Card of the Week

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Well theirs like 5 "CotD" threads already but all on the "Fan-Made" stuff, wheres the real love for the actual stuff?


Well to kick this thread off for the Week, here is a card that seriously made me puzzle and twist and turn in excitement.



Prime Material Dragon


Level 6

ATK/2400 DEF/2000


Any effect that would inflict damage to a player instead increases their life points by the same amount .When a card's effect to destroy a monster(s) on the field is activated, you can send one card from your hand to the Graveyard to negate its activation and destroy the card.


Super Rare/Ultimate Rare



Just by going over this single card, I can swear this card was more godly then Solemn Judgment (God's Judgment in the OCG I think). Lets see why this card is MOW! (MOW! = Made of Win!).

Name Rating: 5/5, seriously I have not seen a card with this sweet of a name in ages...


Attirubte: LIGHT, now thats something I was not really expecting from a DARK attribute set, 4/5


Stars: Very surprising on the level balance, this card has the strengths of a Lv7+ monster, being lv6 makes this card a stronger monarch then I orginally thought of (Please excuse me, although its not really a monarch its got x2 the better stuff then a normal monarch with 2400 atk) 5/5


Type: Dragon, which is not like "SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME" good but its very decent seeing as dragons although very, very, old school.. they do have enough support to throw some good punches around. 4/5


Effect(s): This is #2 reason of why I adore this card ever so dang much (#1 is the Stars and #3 is the ATK/DEF), I mean seriously the life gain trick makes the fearsome BABOON BURN sizzle right out and with the proper defenses you can enilate "Hand to Hand" combat, whats also not just good but UBER-GOOD about this card is the fact that you can discard any card from your hand to just stop a Wide Spread/Focused card that would have cleaned your field, dead in its own tracks. Its like your opponent activates Mirror Force to save their behind from being scorched and pull off some combo like Exodia or whatever its going to be, but with this card up and ready.. their trap becomes completely "Disarmed" beyond NEARLY all good recognition (Except by Solemn Judgment). 5/5


ATK/DEF: This is more stronger then a monarch in so many ways its not even funny, oh wait.. IT IS! :lol: Though seriously 2400/2000 is nothing to scoff at even if you are half awake or on some weird drug. Its stronger then CyDra which is surprising I mean both are 1 Tributes, but come on this "ACTUAL DRAGON" has 300 more points in ATK & 400 more in DEF. 5/5

Overall Personal Comments: This card can be used practically in any deck (But it can't be just chucked in like oh so many who toss in L&DD just because it can negate, I kill that card on a regular basis with usually a Premature Burial & SDM which is not even funny anymore). Yet, be warned on this card, I not speaking like its a great evil, I mean this card can be used to Kick-Ass, though one could get their Ass-Kicked when using this card in the wrong ways. Although it doesn't seem likely you could get your "Defeat On A Silver Platter", thats what everybody said about L&DD and look how it can be conquered in a few simple steps. This card is really my favorite, that beyond DMG which really takes something of a very HIGH magnitude of playability to actually shake of what I like more compared to other cards. I personally recommend this card if your META has way to much Monarch or Burn in its "Blood Flow", also this card is SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME as Side Board material, swap a couple of these bad boys in after maybe cutting it a little to close and winning your first battle against probably a Burn &/OR Monarch deck to really put into motion the words "Grabbing The Bull By The Horns" with this card.


Final Rating: 4 Stars : 5 Stars

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