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Deck Destroyer Strategy

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not a full deck list, but heres a few.


-Monster Cards-

Vampire Lord

Cyber Jar

Don Zaloog

Morphing Jar

Morphing Jar #2

Needle Worm

Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

Chainsaw Insect

Destiny Hero - Defender

Bistro Butcher

Cliff the Trap Remover


-Spell Cards-

Card Destruction

Gravekeeper's Servant


Delinquent Duo


-Trap Cards-


Drop Off

Exchange of the Spirit

Inferno Tempest

Robbin Goblin

Robbin Zombie

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Here are a incomplete deck list





Malice Ascendant x3

Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower x3

Needle Worm x3

Vampire Lord x3

Don Zaloog (as many as you can have, probably 2)



HORUS' S/T cards +


Book of Life x3



And minus Exchange of the Spirit and Delinquent Duo (due to their banishment)

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