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Banners for a club needed!

High Definition

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Ok heres what i need, I will pay 10 points for each if you do all you get a total of 80 points.



Uria rendered and say "Uria's Flame Red"

Hamon Rendered and say "Hamon's Thunder Yellow"

Raviel Rendered and say "Raviel Phantasms Blue"

Slifer Rendered and say "Sky Dragon Red"

Obelisk Rndered and say "Tormentor Blue"

Winged Dragon Of Ra Rendered and say "Winged Dragon Yellow"

Yubel Rendered and say "Master Principal"

(Any) Phoenix Rendered and say "Phoenix Mod"


Thats what i need


All colors stated must be in that color on the font on the banner. but on Phoenix put it blue. And with Yubel Put it any color that looks good and it has to be in a good fount like papyrus or angry blue.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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