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My RP Characture and Deck

Father Wolf

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This is Wolf Wood and 2 decks that i made for him. (Note that i edited this because all my IMG's died and i finished my World of Darkness set.1)

here is a pic of wolf wood



(NOTE: there are some cards from the 2nd set in these decks)

Deck 1: Mages and Technomancers (This is Wolfs primery deck)

MP.jpg x2 mage-mind.jpgMage-matter.jpgMage-life.jpg x2 Mage-entropy.jpgMP.jpgL3SM-T.jpgL3SM-F.jpg x2 L3SM-L.jpgL5SM-F.jpgMIB.jpg x2 Techno-HG.jpgTechno-VS.jpgTechno-artificers.jpgcharge.jpg x2 HW.jpgL3S.jpg x2 MS.jpgParadox.jpgPotectring.jpg x2 spellbook.jpg x2 TAMR.jpgRG.jpgWODMage.jpgthunderbolts.jpg x3 ASSR.jpgMCA.jpg x3 S.jpgSOD.jpgMindspell.jpg x2 Summeningspell.jpg x2

Deck 2 (sence i have to get off the puter ill post it later)

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