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Who's the famous person?


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This game is where you have to guess who the person is the winner gets 10 points at a time. The first person to correctly guess gets 10 points!


Sore Board:

Mychemicalrahim 1

yaden yuki 1

Tallman 1

Tdath 1

Shadow Avian 1

haris 2



First correct answers!

1: Bill Gates: First Correct answer by Tdath

2: Soulja Boy: First Correct answer by Haris

3: Will Smith: First Correct Answer by Haris

4: David Tenent: Forst Correct Answer By DAJ

5: Crazy Frog: First Correct Answer by DAJ

6: John Cena: First correct anser by Shadow Avian

7: David Beckam: first correct answer by DAJ

8: Avril lavingne: first correct answer by Yaden Yuki

9: Harry Potter: First Correct Answer by Mychemicalrahim

10: Bruce Lee: First Correct answer by Tallman

11: David Attenborough: first correct answer DAJ


Who is this?



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