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Diablo card sets (with some original ideas!)

The Mysterious Dude

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How do i have bad grammar? "OWERPOWERED" makes no sense because i can't see the V anywhere close to the W on a keyboard' date=' so there is no excuse for that. Seriously, I bet no one who posted here, other than me, has even PLAYED Diablo 2, and if they have, havn't beat it. You don't know why these cards are, how you said, "OWERPOWERED". So don't give me a 1/10 if you don't know what the cards even mean. The only reason they are this strong is they are very hard to summon, and they are this powerful in the game Diablo 2, which they are based off of.



first of all i'm not english so excuse my grammar, it does not matter how powerful there in the game, fist of all no card in yugioh history has more than 5000 ATK, second the images are not the best ones, the level of the cards are way to big, OCG is not the best, and a monster with infinite ATK and DEF? and it can atack opponent directly? .. not even Exodia is this overpowered .... still my rating is OVERPOWERED AND 1/10

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