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Blue Eyes Dark Tyrant Dragon


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You literally cnnot summon the crd. You just plain cant. It can only be summond by tributing another 1 of it;sef' date=' but how do you get that 1 out >_<

0/10 FAIL



what r u talkin about?

How did you miss it?









You can on;y summon it if you tribute 1 of it'self, ok, how did that get there, how do you play it? >_<

0/10 FAIL!


Hmmm, ok, sry, missed that this cards name is blue-eyes DARK tyrant =/

It's still not good, the ffect is dumb. and the pic is not good, and the grammar is not good =/

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Lol might want to post the "Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon" as well as the equip card "Dark Soul". I think this card is a bit too tough to get out but I don't know how hard the other Dragon you are using to get it out is to get out. Relying on equip cards to special summon a monster on the other hand is just horrible. 3 out of 10...you tried..you can do better...most of us can.

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