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The Unofficial "Celebrate Your Archieve" Thread


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post links to your most well going and well organized and... nice threads (topics). please, no spam. i was banned for spam and i realized how bad it is, now im going against it.notice, post threads that you like. to say it more clearly.

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My best achievment? Easy, its the Points for cards system we all know and love.



Haha, I was just reading it and the discussion between Frunk and Steven made me laugh. :)


Oh and my 'Card making tutorial'



and 'How do I duel' thread. (The 100th thread) 8)


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Ah steven, he'll be back, I know it... :lol:


An insert from said thread;

i understod it though!


And I understood that post by steven' date=' which is suprising[/quote']


That thread reminds me, my Forum Dueling Idea thread was successful aswell.

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