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A new Trap card!


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I realised that nearly everyone is making monsters....monsters are fine but....you need magic and trap cards too!

So I've made a card that gets rid of some of those pesky monsters and send them to the bottom of the deck...Very handy.







Overused picture


stretched picture


artists sig needs removing


your not you


draw a Monster Card.




Monster Cards






OCG errors, grammar errors


Could be improved ^_^



And we dont always make monsters ya know, so making a trap is not original, if that was the effect you were going for... ^_^

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sorry, i didn't check the grammer.

What i meant was that they're weren't single trap cards or magic cards made. They are always (as i see it) made in sets. I reckon this should change cause you could do a lot more if we made whole sets of 3 or 4 magic and trap cards that don't (specifically) go with monsters.

Anyways do the like the effect idea?

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