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The Forsaken Fan Club


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[center]Welcome to this club about the Pokemon fanfic of pure epicness. I've seen some users that love this fanfic already, so why not a club for this epic Mew/Mewtwo shipping?[/center]
For you who have'nt read it yet:
[spoiler=Rules]1. All YCM rules apply.
2. No spamming.
3. No flaming.
4. No trolling.
5. You must have read at least 1 chapter of Forsaken. Just so you know the pure epicness of it.
6. Stay on topic. (This is mostly about Forsaken and General topics.)
[spoiler=App (that thingy you reply with tho join the club)]
Username: (Simple. Just put your username, or what you would like to be called, here.)
Favourite chapter: (Just tell us wich chapter is your favourite.)
Reason to join: (Just whrite down the reason to join here.)
Can you make banner for this club?: (Just askin.)

My app:

Username: Mew
Favourite chapter: Chapter 6.
Reason to join: I made this club, so why not? xD
Can you make banner for this club?: No.

So, if you like Forsaken, just join and have fun!
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Username: Dementuo
Favorite Chapter: I can't remember... >_< I know it's on page 2... Somewhere...
Reason to join: Because anything that can take the furry side of Pokemon and turn it into such an amazing fan-fic is so amazingly pro that I must blindly follow it.
...Until I read chapter 11...
*Eye twitch*
That image will forever remain burned in my mind...
No, I can't make a banner.
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[quote name='Dementuo' timestamp='1298575124' post='5031727']
Chapter 11 scarred me for life. I can never look at a Mew without being reminded of what I read yesterday...
I mean, just what the f*** was that?! The fix is good, but that... What the hell?!
Was there a fix?

Well, I would prefer a chapter that affects the story so much like all the other chaps... This one was just kinda meh.

And I will look at Mew the same way as usual. Everyone has their bad moments.
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