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Do you know your Yu-gi-oh cards?


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Hello all. Name's Yankeefan07. This is my first game. So, hope you like it ^_^


How to play:

You must list the ATK and DEF of a monster, if it is an effect monster or not, it's level, and it's set ID. So this is how it would go


Level: 8

ATK: 3000

DEF: 2500

No effect

Set ID: LOB, or SDK



What is it? Blue-Eye White Dragon.

Wanna know a bonus? If a person answers it correctly, the will get 5 points from the person that asked.



1. No japanese cards, most people won't know that, unless they live in Japan, or their YCM account name is DJ Osiris XD

2. You only get 1 guess.

3. If a person answers your card, incorect or correctly, you must post and tell them so.

4. If you got it right, you must put another cards stuff down.

5. No fake cards.


This is a game my friends and I play alot when we are bored. I think it's fun.

If you have any ideas to make this run smoother, please PM me. I will fix it promptly.




I'll start this off:


LV: 10

ATK: 4000

DEF: 2800

Effect Monster

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