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Alright I need two more people for this you can create your own fan based deck basically, we are doing a friendly joint fan fiction, and Id really like it if we had help.


Are characters wont meet till Episode 5 but we each have a seperate duel for each person, also if its a fan card, give a picture or basic info for it. Also Goono is the bully of this RPG Fan Fic.


Character Setup:





Deck Type:

Favorite Card:



My Character:


Name: Jack Wittashi

Apearance: Blue Hair, wairs Duel Disk on left arm, jeans, glows with Blue Aura when mad, wheres a magical pendant around his neck

Age: 14

Deck Type: Kaiju

Favorite Card: Godzilla


Alright Ill do my Episode 1


Episode 1, Part 1: The Kid of Kaiju


Jack was walking down the street, he didn't go to school, but he was a good duelist, thats when he saw a kid beating up another in a duel, who won then took the kids favorite card, then tore it up.


Jack challenged the guy (Goono) to a Duel who accepted if he got Jack's favorite card when he won. Jack had no problem with that, and if he won he would pay for the card he just ripped up.


Jack's LP: 4000

Goono's LP: 4000


Jack went first, and activated Cost Down, allowing him to discard 1 card from his hand to reduce his monsters levels by 2. Then Jack summoned Anguirus:



Level: 6


ATK/DEF: 2200/2400

Effect: FLIP: When this card is Flip summonded, deal 1000 lif-points of damage to your opponent.


Jack ended his turn.


Goono summoned Luster Dragon (1900 ATK), then played 2 cards face-down. Then equipped Axe of Despair to Luster Dragon increasing it's ATK to 2900, then declared battle on Anguirus, before ending his turn.


Jack's LP: 3300

Goono's LP: 4000


Jack drew his card, and activated Pot of Greed to draw two more cards. Jack then summoned Kumonga in defense mode:



Level 4


ATK/DEFL 1800/1400

Effect: When this card is in defense position, all your opponent's monsters lose 400 ATK points.


, then Jack played a card face-down, before ending his turn.


Goono drew, then attacked Kumonga with Luster Dragon, but Jack activated Magic Cylinder, which negated his attack and reduced Goono's LP by the ATK points of the attacking monster.


Jack's LP: 3300

Goono's LP: 1500


Jack activated another Cost Down, then sacrificed Kumonga to summon Godzilla:



Level 8


ATK/DEF: 3000/3000

Effect: This Card Can Attack Directly by Discarding Your entire your hand. If This Card is Special Summoned from the Graveyard it gains 500 ATK and DEF Points.


Jack actiavted his monsters effect, discarding his whole hand, Godzilla can attack directly, with Radioactive Heat Ray.


Jack's LP: 3300

Goono's LP: 0


Jack won and yelled at Goono to pay up which he did, but secretly switched it with a fake before leaving. The Kid said thank you to Jack and asked his name. All Jack said was that he was going to become a Duel King, and all would know his name, Jack Wittashi.

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is this OK

Episode 1 part 2


Jonathan was looking at his deck when he suddenly heard someone calling him.

He looked up and saw Andrew and Tiffany they were running towards him.They explained to him that some kid challenged him to a duel he is waiting for him at the park. Jonathan,Andrew and Tiffany went to the park

and when they got there they saw the kid,he was wearing a duel disk and he challenged Jonathan to a duel and the looser has to give the winner his favorite card Jonathan accepted the challenge and the duel began.


Jonathan's LP:4000

The kid's LP:4000


Jonathan went first and summoned Elios The Fallen Angel Of Time

and equipped her whit the magic card Fate's Hourglass


Elios The Fallen Angel Of Time


Effect:If this card remains face up on the field for 3 turns after it has been equipped with the magic card "Fate's Hourglass" you can Special Summon "Fallen Angel,Garaziel The Controller Of Time"


Fate's Hourglass


Effect:This card can only be equipped by "Elios The Fallen Angel Of Time".Once per turn you can flip a coin.Heads you gain 500 Life Points.Tails your opponent gains 500 Life Points.


Jonathan ended his turn.

Cards in hand:Jonathan 4

Cards on the field 2

The kid placed 1 card in face down defense position,and two cards face down,and ended his turn.


Jonathan drew,and activated Pot of greed the he drew two more cards and he summoned Fallen Vampire Angel in attack position


Fallen Vampire Angel


Effect:When this card is sent from your hand to the graveyard you can Special Summon 1 DARK monster from your hand to your side of the field


Then he ended his turn.


The kid drew and summoned Black Stego in attack position


Jonathan drew then he used the effect of Elios The Fallen Angel Of time and tributed him to To Special summon Fallen Angel Garaziel the controller of Time


Fallen Angel,Garaziel The Controller Of Time


Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.This card can only be Special Summoned by offering "Elios The Fallen Angel Of Time" who is equipped with the spell card "Fate's Hourglass".Once per turn flip a coin

Heads:This card gains 500 ATK until the end of the turn

Tails:This card looses 500 ATK until the end of the turn

Then Jonathan used Heavy storm to destroy all trap and magic cards on the field

He then equipped Fallen angel garaziel the controller of time whit the spell card Fairy Meteor Crush then he attacked Black stego.

Jonathan's LP:4000

The kids LP:3500


The kid drew then he summoned The Trojan Horse,and he activated The swords of revealing lights and he ended his turn.


Jonathan drew and placed 1 card face down,and ended his turn.


The kid used the effect of the trojan horse and tributed it to summon Ultimate Tyranno.

He then used the effect of Ultimate tyranno and attacked all of Jonathan's monsters,the kid then ended his turn


Jonathan's LP:2200

The Kid's LP:3500

Jonathan drew then he activated Dark hole and destroyed all of the kid's monster and he activated Mystical space typhoon and destroyed the swords of revealing lights.Jonathan activated his face down card it was a ritual spell card angels disobedience


Angels disobedience

Ritual Spell

Effect: This card is used to ritual summon Dortu the fallen angel of death you must also offer monsters whose total level stars equal 7

Jonathan the sent from his hand to the graveyard Orisialias,The Angel Of Life,and ritual summoned Dortu the Fallen Angel of Death


Dortu the Fallen Angel of Death


Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or set.This card can only be Ritual Summoned by the effect of the magic card "Angels Disobedience" also you must offer monsters whose total level equals 7 this card gains 200 Atk for every Fairy-Type monster in your graveyard

Jonathan checked his graveyard and found 4 Fairy type monster wiche ment that dortu had 3100 ATK. Then Jonathan activated his field spell card Portal to the dark world


Portal to the dark world

Field Spell

Effect: This card increases the ATK and DEF of all DARK monsters on the field by 400


Now Dortu has 3500 ATK and Jonathan attacked the kid's LP the kid was beaten but Jonathan couldnt take the kid's favorite card he turned and walked away.

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