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chance the rainbow dancer - bad name, awesome card


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thanks to both cyber static and umbra for their 2 versions of this card's ocg. remember i owe both of u reps :) heres both versions so u guys judge which one is better. i think they both make sense. oh well u guys judge :)

oh and btw the last part about the atk/def increase is my ocg so if u criticize the ocg dont criticize these guys for the last part (or give em props :lol: )


cyberstatics ocg version



umbras ocg version



again thx to both of u. u guys helped mew alot!!!


and every1 else, njoy these!!!

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Try sharpening and darkening the image a little' date=' to make this card look perfect. You did an excellent job with the picture! How long did it take to make this card? :)



lol thx glass u always give the best advice!! and it took me a while only because i had to ask some people for ocg help, but once it got it i kinda just went with the flow lol

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