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This is my first post, and this is my deck.. I'd say its slightly earth based...


So.. This is my deck.


It's got 40 Cards, My tactic is get all my opponent's protection of the field then hammer em with Mega Rock & Exxod - He 0wnz.


Monsters - 22


Exxod, Master of the Gaurd - (REALLY handy in mid-duels)


Gaurdian Sphinx

Crio Sphinx

Golem Sentry

MegaRock Dragon - (Comes in handy later in duels.. :wink: )

DecoyDroid x2

Medusa Worm

Stone Statue of the Aztecs

Moai Interceptor Cannons x2

Sand moth


Gaurdian Statue

Great Spirit

Giant Rat x3

Gigantes x2

Destiny Hero - Defender


So.. As you've noticed most are Rock.. This all contributes to MegaRock Dragon xD



Spells - 9


Shield & Sword x2

D - Spirit


Swords of Revealing Light

Magical Mallet

Mystical Space Typhoon

Shifting Shadows



Traps - 9


Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

Ordeal of A traveler x2

Robbin' Goblin

Magic Drain x2


Destiny Mirage




So yeah, That's my deck.


Tell me what you think I need improving on I guess lol,



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uve got a nice deck but like u sed uve got alot of rock monsters which is good to power ur megarock but u need to put other types of monsters in beacuse if u have almost all the same types of monsters then ur opponent will find a way to stop u from using that type of monster if u know what i mean.


i used to have a deck full of dragons untill my opponent used dragon capture jar and i couldent win.


but over all i give ur deck 8.5/10

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U need some spell or trap that can negate activate of his spell or trap..

if u wanna make your dragon have a big ATK..

your opp will be happy if he have magic sylinder or mirror force

U need Jinzo..



Wow, Thanks for that lovely comment :wink: .


Well anyway,

I don't have to be too worried.. Let me read out the effects of some cards....


Magic Drain - Handy...


You can only activate this card when your opponent activates a spell card.

Your opponent can discard 1 spell card from their hand to negate the effect of this card.

if your opponent does not, negate the activaton of your opponents spell card & Destroy it.


So yeah that helps.. what about Mystical space typhoon


Destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field.


No I don't need Jinzo, As he would destroy my strategy.


Compulsory Evacuation Device


Means I can leave the field if i feel threatened :)


Thanks for the comments

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Try this too..

muka2,golem sentry,guardian sphinx,hieracosphinx,and enraged muka2

they are good for earth deck

and if u don't need jinzo,

try to use dust tornado,or raigeki break

you can use them in multiple card

b'cos they free banned list

not like MSTyphoon..


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This deck looks a lot like the rock structure deck but i dont see how it won't work. Perhaps swap D-Hero Defender for muka muka or enraged muka muka. I have enraged muka muka in my deck and he helps a lot. 8/10

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