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My Deck (Please help me with it)

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  • slifer the sky dragon, elemental hero burstinatrix, elemental hero sparkman, elemental hero clayman, elemental hero bladedge, elemental hero avian, blue eyes white dragon *3, blue eyes ultimate dragon, black luster soldier, kuriboh, megarock dragon, red eyes darkness dragon, red eyes black dragon *2, cure mermaid and man eater bug.



  • dark hole, rush recklessly, mountain, hammer shot, monster reborn *2, pot of greed, white dragon ritual, black luster ritual, de-spell, lightning vortex, dian keto the cure master *2, card destruction, swords of revealing light, ookazi, mystik wok and magical mallet



  • magic drain, spell shield type 8, magic cylinder *3, ordeal of a traveler, jar of greed, cemetary bomb, gift of the mystical elf, disappear and waboku.

in total i have 47 cards, so should i get rid of some or keep them cause in all the duels i've had since i made the deck i hav'nt lost once!

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Ho Ho..

i'm sure that deck isn't for tournament..


God card is illegal for TCG or OCG


why not try the rock combo??

2X megarock dragon

3X golem sentry

3X muka2

3X enraged muka2

3X gene-warped warwolf

1X sangan

1X neo-spacian grandmole

1X jinzo

and for trap and magic look my deck

it's free for ban list

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