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Guest JoshIcy

even if it is a spirit monster its still severly overpowerd, last i checked the most powerful level 4 spirit monster was Susa Soldier and that had 2000 ATK. and his effect was that the damage he does is halved.....


i respect that its ATK decreases when it goes back to your hand but look at it this way..>

attack once > 8000 -2600= 5400

attack twice > 5400- 2400= 3000

attack thrice > 3000 - 2200= 800

attack four times > 800- 2000 = 0 life points....


simply overpowerd sorry....


btw i voted "its ok" because the concept is neat but in a real situation it just means overpowerd, even

chaos emperor dragon and black luster soldier envoy of the beggining wasnt this powerful..

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