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Burst Fire Phoenix Monster card (Original Idea)


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Pretty much a suicidal card in all cases, the star amount is largely debatable, I gave it three stars to give it the ability to fly under the radar of most level restricting cards and of course 2400 att is to encourage your opponent to destroy it, what do you guys think?

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Guest JoshIcy

me: "interesting card.... whats the catch?"

you: "pay 1500 lp or switch it to defense."

me: "hmmm, catch switch it and ive used Enemy Controller already.. shoot"

you: "muahaha"

me: "i can pay 1500 lp, but your running a beat-down deck... ~or a burn deck~"


overpowerd... when this card would be used the situation is too risky to pay the 1500 LP.... sorry...


6/10 for the concept though

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