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MechaSanphred -vs- yu-gi-oh party


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Here I am, hosting a 1-on-1 contest. So... yeah.



All YCM rules apply.

Only 3 star or higher members may challenge me.

Rule breakers will be negged.


Card Requirements

You must post the lore along with the card.

No joke, written, or stolen cards are accepted.

Any Machine Tuner is okay to challenge.

You may either post your card here or via PM. Either is fine.


To Voters

You must state at least 2 valid points to which card is better.


How to Win

First to 3 votes wins.



The winner receives 1 rep from the loser.


Other Notes

I will not post my card until the challenger's card is ready.

Current score: Card A, 3 Card B, 1


[spoiler=Card A, MechaSanphred]226908.jpg

If this card deals Battle Damage to your opponent, your opponent removes the top card from his/her Deck from play. If this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by an opponent's card effect, your opponent takes 700 points of damage.


[spoiler=Card B, yu-gi-oh party]289478k.jpg

Once per turn you can send one spell card from your hand to your Graveyard to Special Summon one monster with "Machine" in its name.


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Guest Talos the Wind Ninja

I vote for Card A. Sorry YGO Party.


1. The pic is better.

2. YGO's OCG is not very good.

3. YGO's card does not specify where it can be Special Summoned from.

4. YGO's card is OP'ed.

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MechaSanphred's is terrible. You do know milling actually helps out your opponent, right? >.>


YGO party's effect is jacked up. It doesn't say where you can Special Summon the monster from. But it's loopable, and could be used in some situations.


Vote to YGO party.

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