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Enigma City [Started / Accepting]


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IC Thread


There is a mysterious city shrouded by enigma, and only few know about it...


Welcome to Enigma City, a high-tech city mainly dominated by superpowered humans and magical creatures, although normal humans and normal creatures do live here. Here in Enigma city, all beings live in harmony. Well, most of the time, at least.


But now, a new threat arises. Mysterious beings from a Faction known as C.R.I.M.S.O.N. have arrived. Each night, they come to raid the cities and attack people. Well, our civilians have to settle this prob themselves...




1. Regular Rules...

2. Regular RP rules...

3. The owner's word is teh final decision.

4. When in doubt, look at rule 3.

5. You must be 3-stars and above to join.

6. Have fun!




Appearance: (Description or Picture)



Faction: (C.R.I.M.S.O.N. or Enigma City)

Human or Creature:

Species: (If creature)

Powers (Max. 4):




[spoiler=My app]

Appearance: She is seen with mysterious rainbow-coloured hair. Her clothes are mainly rainbow-coloured and she is usually seen with a white skirt.

Name: Xavierlyn Xanadu

Gender: Female

Faction: Enigma City

Human or Creature: Human

Powers (Max. 4): Mana manipulation - an ability that can be easily negated most of the time. It can mildly warp reality.

Self-duplication - She duplicates herself into up to 8 clones, of different colours. She uses this ability to confuse foes.

Bio: Xavierlyn Xanadu has lived in Enigma City since she was born. Since young, she loved playing with the mysterious creatures and people here. That was, until she grew up and C.R.I.M.S.O.N. came. This was when she decided to practice fighting on trees, bushes and inanimate objects. Through this practice, she unlocked her powers, thus believes she is ready to fight C.R.I.M.S.O.N.


Appearance: His true forme has not been identified, and he never reveals himself. Only his voice can be heard.

Name: Unknown, but he is commonly known as the C.R.I.M.S.O.N. Master.

Gender: ???, but when he speaks, two voices of can be heard, one masculine, one feminine.

Faction: C.R.I.M.S.O.N.

Human or Creature: ???

Species: ???

Powers (Max. 4): Apart from controlling numerous Machine units for C.R.I.M.S.O.N. and being capable of summoning creatures from the sky, his other powers are completely unknown.

Bio: His identity is totally unknown, but definitely not his ulterior motive. He created C.R.I.M.S.O.N. for wreaking havoc in the city.


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Name: Xai Makrusa

Gender: Female

[spoiler=Appearance:]She has Black Hair and Red eyes and wears an extremely thorny black suit of armor with red Thorns, Red Tentacles protrude out of her back. She can speak and understand the Human language as well as other creature's languages


Faction: Unknown, she is in fact wanted by both C.R.I.M.S.O.N. and Enigma City, the reason is unknown. She is shown to have feelings for Xavierlyn

Human or Creature: Creature

[spoiler=Species(Previously Unknown):](An anonymous person has been able to provide information about this creature's Species)




Nightmares are beings brought to life by the power of the Boundary between Dream and Reality when torn, they take many shapes and sizes, but most have very Distinct Features, Most Nightmares can take a huge beating, however, their powers are linked by the life force of the Nightmare's Creator, so if it's Creator dies, they often have no chance surviving, Nightmares tend to have a Similar power as their Creator and the Appearance of a combination most of their Creator's looks and their worst Nightmare. Nightmares strive to protect their Creator on the first sign of a threat, even when sent away by them...


Composure: 65% Ethereal, 35% Corpereal

[spoiler=Passive Features:]

Ethereality: Most nightmares have Ethereal sections to them, These are what allow them to take beatings like they're nothing

Lifelink: all Nightmares have a link to their creator, when the Creator dies, their abilities dwindle and they die rather quickly

Nocturnal: They Sleep in the daytime

Spacial Immunity: They do not die if sent to a plane that has too many or too Few Spacial or Time Planes, If nearby, Nightmares also give their Creator that same Immunity (BTW: Anything can live in Non-existence, although there is no time plane(They do not age))




Extreme Durability: Her Tentacles are in fact so tough, it can withstand an impact of a Lightsaber

Manipulation of the Boundary between Dream and Reality: She can Manipulate the Boundary between Dream and Reality at will, making other people's Dreams (Or Nightmares) become real and wipe anything pertaining to those dreams back out of existence. if she uses this power for too long, she gets wiped from existence temporarily



Bio: her past is completely shrouded in mystery. Many rumors say that she was in fact made due to some freak accident at a laboratory at Enigma City.

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(frost effects from obsidiandawn.con)



Name: Winter

Gender: Female

Faction: Enigma City (technically Neutral but she sides with whoever she despises least)

Human or Creature: Creature

Species: Homunculus

Powers (Max. 4):

Cryomancy; Winter is able to use any nearby water (including the water in the air) to form and manipulate ice in various ways, often creating makeshift weapons or barriers or making other creative uses of her powers.


Enhancements; while not strictly super strong or super-fast, Winter is at least physically stronger than an average human and can take a great deal more damage than them but is not indestructible (that is to say she can survive a bullet through the chest but not a bullet through the brain). She also has incredible acrobatic skills and reflexes and near perfect balance.


Healing: Winter also possesses powerful healing abilities that, while not instant, are fast acting and can recover serious injuries given enough time, including re-growing limbs (however this takes far longer than normal and will not work if the wound is cauterized, because of this Winter will flatly refuse to let anyone else treat her injuries)


Bio: Winter is a Tier 3* homunculus, created roughly 15 years ago by an alchemist called Maiya Akuzara. Winter’s creator went missing shortly after her creation and she has been living by herself ever since, preferring not to interact with the world at large. She has since befriended other homunculi she has met during her life and has even begun to raise a family. However, frequent attacks and other occurrences from rogue homunculi or similar enemies have thrown a wrench in what would otherwise be a quiet life. Winter wishes to remain ‘under the radar’ so to speak and gets very annoyed when people try and interfere with her life. Up until recently Winter believed her creator to be dead until she was told by an anonymous informant that Maiya was somehow involved in the events of Enigma City. Without a second though Winter set out to try and find her creator.

*Homunculus are divided into levels called ‘Tiers’ which go from 1-6, 1 being the weakest and 6 being the strongest. Any homunculi above Tier 1 have their own personalities and powers depending on their level, in this case tier 3 powers are often mid-level alchemic abilities, often elemental (eg, chronomancy, pyromancy etc.) though there are exceptions.

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Still think you're being a bit radical with the levels. It's about the quality, not rank.


Anyway, onto the main order of business:

[spoiler=My App]Here is the Database file on Subject 666. It is incomplete at the Moment, but our experts are working on filling in the blanks. ((Anything within Brackets like this are My own(Akira's) notes on the file. Some parts I find hard to believe, such as the Memory thing((It's impossible. I know what my memories are!)). I hacked this file from that organisation a while back, and am continuing to hack as more updates come. However, some parts are corrupted due to the hacking, and I seem unable to restore this problem. Though I'll work on it as hard as I can.))

Name: Subject 666, Project Space/Time. ((Akira Kurosawa. I dont want to walk around calling myself Subject Blahdiblah))

Gender: Male

[spoiler=Appearance:][spoiler=Appearence one, Casual]2.gif


[spoiler=Appearence 2, Time]Anime20Guy.png


[spoiler=Appearence 3, Space]samurai.jpg



Faction: Works for himself, and for his own beliefs. He can vary between both C.R.I.M.S.O.N and Enigma City. Currently he is working for C.R.I.M.S.O.N, but he is considering changing factions. Because of that reason, he is rarely trusted in either organisation, but it valued for his strength.

Species: Experimentation being created for the soul purpose of creating a weapon of Mass Destruction out of a Human Body. Experimentation Failure, but body still exists and is at large. A unit of Elites Have been dispursed to pursue target. Created by our Organisation((an Unknown corporation who's loyalties are unknown as well as it's name. Though I promise I'll find them, and erase them from existance.))

[spoiler=Powers (Max. 4):]Because of the Incredibly OPed main power, I will be having that main power and one 'not really a power but something a normal person could not do' power.

[spoiler=Power 1, Space Time manipulation((With differenciating forms :D))]Subject 666 has the strange yet incredibly powerful and yearned for power to manipulate the spacetime continuum, the basic fabric of all dimensions as we know them. He cannot control it per say, but more manipulate it around himself and others and force it to do somethings. For example, he could use it to teleport, yet he cannot erase the existence of something. He mainly uses his powers for storage of large objects, or for teleportation(As mentioned above.) He can also use it to teleport other objects, such as other people, to different Universes/Dimensions(Example, one where Humans cannot survive, because of the lack of a Spacial Dimension, an Extra Time Dimension, or something Extremely over the top. E.g, we live in a Universe with 3 spacial Dimensions and 1 Time Dimension. He could teleport someone to a Universe with 1534241 Spacial Dimensions and 134514515 Time Dimensions, which we would almost certainly find impossible to survive in.) He could also manipulate this spacial field to summon things from other points in space, such as a fire or a blast of wind, but this requires a lot of energy outside of his Spacial form, and even in Spacial form he can only use it a set amount of times(From 1-5 normally, 5-15 , depending on how healthy he is, how much energy(Calories) he has, his overall stamina, injuries, Etc.) He can also age things extremely or make things stay the same age for ages, which is why he will probably live for eternity if he is uninjured. One of the things he cannot do, even in Time Form, is reverse Fatal injuries as he doesn't have the power to manipulate the border between life and death. He can make things last forever, but anything alive that is struck with a fatal attack he cannot remedy as it is Life force that needs healing, and he cannot restore that. He can, however, heal wounds that do not cause fatal injury. He cant cure illnesses without killing whoever has contracted the illness, as it would cause a small amount of space within the person to disappear along with the Bacteria/Fungi/Virus, and he doesn't trust himself to do this without killing someone.


He has three major forms within which he takes to manipulate these powers, which as listed here:

[spoiler=Forms][spoiler=Form 1, Neutral]This is his most common form, as it is the only form which looks normal. In this form, as it appears in the Picture above, he is an ordinary teen with dark brown, medium length hair and dark green eyes. In this form he can manipulate both Space and Time in Equal amounts, though the only thing he can do with each is Teleport(Through time and/or space), store or withdraw Items within the space(Dont worry, I wont pull out the solution to every problem that comes our way. It's probably going to be mainly for comic effect, though he will have a few guns, swords, daggers, pick locks and scraps of papers/Notepads along with pens. I can imagine him opening it like a rucksack, the rummaging inside it and falling into it.) and increase his speed with the Time manipulation thing(there is the immortality thing, but that kind of stays there all the time.) In this form he usually uses a samurai sword as his weapon, and has mastered it almost completely.


[spoiler=Form 2, Time]This form allows him to manipulate time to an Extreme, but at the cost of being unable to use any spacial powers, including the ones in Neutral. Because of this, he usually withdraws anything he needs before going into this form, and can summon a single weapon which is hidden within a split second of time(This weapon is the one in the appearence, which is basically a sword that is held parrallel to the arm, unlike the normal blade which is perpendicular.) Within this form he can move at near light speed, travel backwards in time with barely a thought(depending how far from the present day Time is, which is a set time in which the speed of time is in perfect balance with the Spacial realms, so it is extremely unlikely he will end up ripping apart the whole timespace continuum. The further into the future/Past he goes, the more likely it is to happen, so it is rare he will go too far.) He can also slow down time in a certain area, which is a maximum of 3 miles radius, with him as the centre. He can also completely stop time within 1 metre of him, although this can cause him to faint if used multiple times.


[spoiler=Space]This form, like the previous form, allows him to manipulate Space to an Extreme, at the cost of all time powers(Excluding the Immortality, as that is active permanently.) In this form he can teleport much further than he could in Neutral, such as from the earth to the moon(which is a short distance for him.) He can also swap dimensions pretty easily, and can drag things from seperate dimensions into other dimensions quite easily. Similarly to the Time, this can increase the likelyhood of a Spacetime Distortion, which can lead to a malfunction in the timespace continuum, and basically the end of the Multiverse and existence itself. He can also teleport anything within a metre of himself easily, and anything within a Mile of himself by exerting nearly all his energy. He can also send rifts of spacial Distortion as slices of energy(Similar in shape and effect to getsuga tensho, for bleach fans out there)





[spoiler=Power 2, Slight enhancements]Aka, he can jump higher, run faster, punch/kick harder, think sharper, etc, than the average human. This lends itself to his Samurai skills, which means he can basically kick-ass without his powers.



Personality: Akira is a friendly person, albeit shy. He can be very confident around his friends and over the top at times, regularly dismissing the Ideas of others. However, he is usually quiet and nervous, usually alone, and rarely makes friends quickly, despite the fact he can be extremely helpful. He will usually help people in need no matter their situation, although he tries to do it without being seen. He never needs a thank you for his help, and will never ask for a reward for his actions. However, recently he has resorted to money, for an unknown scheme.

[spoiler=Bio:]Subject 666 - Code Name = Akira

Subject 666's memory has been Tampered with due to interaction with the Space/Time Vortex. Three Memories were extracted from the Subject's mind, and we have been unable to discern which Memory is correct. We have deduced that one of them is fake, although we are unsure where the other Memory files came from, but all the Scientists here at - Corrupt File. Cannot be Accessed. - have agreed that they most likely came from deceased Space/Time manipulators from alternate universes, that were absorbed by Subject 666 when the initiation ceremony finished.


Below are three files. Each contains one of the three extracted memories. I Apologize for the lack of any Visuals. The - Corrupt File. Cannot be Accessed. - Machine malfunctioned slightly, and we are now incapable to extract Visual memories, but luckily the Subject's mind seems to describe the scenes for us, vocalised, so for the moment we must picture the scene as much as we can from the Subject's Descriotions.


[spoiler=Memory Files Encased. Classified. Password Required.]Password: **********************

Password accepted. Access Granted.

[spoiler=Introduction.]Nice to Meet you. Or to See you again. I dont really know anymore. All these things keep changing, and nothing seems to be real anymore. I'm always surrounded by these men, all in pure white, and it's always from behind an Invisible wall. I cant hear them. Then again, what would it matter. I can never understand what they are saying anyway. I just dont understand anymore. They talk about some Continuing or something, and then a Manipulyzer or something. And everytime they say this Mazipulining thing, they always look at me. Or at My cell. Again, I dont know. All I know is that I'm trapped, and I want to be free. And sometimes I am, but I always seem to close my eyes, and when I open them again I'm lying down in the Cell again. I'm like a pet or something. Wait....what's a pet? Anyway, I just dont understand anymore. Not that I ever did. All I've ever known is this cell, and my name. Or atleast, what they call me. According to them I'm Subject 666. I dont like it though. I dont know why. It cant be any different from other names, right? Anyway, I heard one of them say another word which I like, which I might choose as my name. Akira. It's fit's nice, right?

There's 5 of them - the Scientists. 4 of them are horrid to me, treating me like leavings. There is one, however, that's quite nice. He's called Doctor Kurosawa, and he's kind of like a Dad......whatever that is. The word just popped into my head. Anyway, I thought I might aswell use his name aswell, so I called myself Akira Kurosawa. Nice, no? Well, I feel like lying down for a moment. I'll be back....in....a.....mo.......*Snore*

[spoiler=Memory 1. Classified. Password Required.]Password: *******

Password Denied. 1 More attempt left.


[spoiler=Memory 2. Classified. Password Required.]Password: *******

Password Denied. 1 More attempt left.


[spoiler=Memory 3. Classified. Password Required.]Password: *******

Password Denied. 1 More attempt left.







If you noticed, Time is White and Space is Black. If I ever go over the top, and decide to fuse them together, then I will mix them together into a Black white ninja samurai lord of all creation. (Then again, if I did that I would be forced of the RP Forum with large Shotguns and RPGs. )

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He has dark blonde hair, reaching a little bit farther than most, about shoulder-length. He has no armor other than the body that holds him. He is rather tall with long limbs. His blue eyes are dull after some time trying to defend himself. He has scars all around his body from past attacks. He seldom wears a shirt, and instead wears a black jacket that rides down to his knees. He also wears Jeans, and long Black Boots. When in his Forms, he has his same attire but with Wings and other features, depending on his Form.




Name: Alexander Lucifer "Luke" Raven


Gender: Male


Faction: Enigma City


Human or Creature: Human, in most ways. Creature in Others.


Species: Hawk


Powers (Max. 4):


Hawk Form- He has the ability to have Wings Sprout from his back.


Bird Manipulation- He is able to call any bird within a 30 mile Radius. Drawback is some can always break out of the spell and fly away, making them weaker.


Memory- He has a long memory, and can bring any Illusions to aid him. Drawback is that they are more easily defeated.




Bio: He was born a normal human, like any other in Enigma City, but raised with help of the Birds. He actually ate a few Worms brought to him, but for normally, ate Human Food. He took part in an Experiment when he was young: A way to splice Humans and Other Animals to make them more like their companions. He brought a Hawk to help him. The experiment was a success, but only Luke kept his mentality. The others had the Animal's Mentality and The Animals Likewise. He was the only one to walk out, ever. He learned to use his new power well, and it kept on to fight off C.R.I.M.S.O.N., but something felt wrong. Maybe a little of the Hawk's mind got put in. Thing is, he is still a happy person, but he grows colder and colder, knowing he was the only one to survive the experiment, and he has C.R.I.M.S.O.N. on his tail.

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[spoiler= Image]




Name: Aldan B. Drake

Gender: Male

Faction: C.R.I.M.S.O.N

Human or Creature: Creature


- Greater Shade

Shades are powerful creatures that live in service to C.R.I.M.S.O.N. They have a unique culture that is not well known and very few want to learn about it.

Powers (Max. 4):

o Darkness Manipulation

- Description: Shades are comprised of Darkness, and are able to manipulate and generate it. All Shades possess the ability to travel through a stream of Darkness they produce as a form of transportation. A prime form of Darkness manipulation is Dark Holes. Aldan opens up a circular hole in the center of the palms of both of his hands of varying sizes. When Aldan places his hand on a surface while the holes are on his hands, he can open a circular black hole in the object that is the same size as the one on his palm. The hole in the object is sheathed in darkness and it slowly widens over a medium amount of time until it reaches its peak as a large hole that sucks people and objects in close vicinity into the darkness. Objects and people inside the darkness are held inside the Dark space until the hole closes and they are released from the hole.

Darkness Manipulation is also unique among Shades as each Shade also has inherits different forms of manipulating Darkness. Aldan often uses it to generate a Dark form of Magma (Black Magma) from his body that can be used to melt objects faster than normal Magma.

- Weakness: Darkness Manipulation has several disadvantages. Shades that overuse it become mere Shadows that answer to Shade masters. This weakness is negated by becoming a Greater Shade though Darkness Manipulation still holds a few drawbacks. All Darkness Manipulation powers are canceled and negated upon contact with blood. In order to learn and utilize Darkness Manipulation, Shades utilized a Black book that allows Shades to make full use of it. At the back, there is a "Forbidden Section", that carries the most powerful manipulations of Darkness that corrupt the soul and have a higher price to pay. The Forbidden Section is universally banned for Shades and Greater Shades, except for Shade Masters that are corrupt enough to utilize them. Darkness Manipulation tempts users to look into the Forbidden section of the book through a voice Shades hear in their head. This can occasionally result in some mental battles after extended usage, even Greater Shades break down eventually though their endurance for it is about twice as much as a regular shade.

o Extreme Strength:

- Description: All Greater Shades possess Extreme Physical Strength, enough to shatter and lift most sizeable objects

o Greater Shade Endurance:

- Description: Training to have enough Endurance to withstand the downfalls of Darkness Manipulation, Greater Shades have a large amount of Endurance to attacks.

o Greater Shade Status

- Description Upon Aldan's ascension to Greater Status, he received the ability to have full command to call Shadows and some control of other Shades. Shadows come in all types and always have red slash marks across their black bodies and are the weakest of Shades. Shades come many sizes and are more powerful, but Aldan does not have full and complete control over them. Since he is a Greater Shade, he is able to request Shades to follow him at request from a Shade Master.


Bio: As a Greater Shade, Aldan possesses a unique humanoid appearance. He is called a Greater Shade because he has ascended past the conventional powers of a Shade. The process by which a Shade ascends to Greater Shade status is unknown, though most rumors about it hint at being extremely gruesome.


- There are 4 Levels of Shades: Shadow (Level 0), Shade (Level 1), Greater Shade (Level 2), Shade Master (Level 3)

Shadows are the weakest, being Shades that overused their powers and reverted. Shade Masters are the most powerful Shades, being immune to the corrupting effects of the Forbidden section. Greater Shade is attained through a highly secret method that a Shade goes through when they've acquired enough experience. Shade is the starter level.

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Name: Lucciano Di Sicili

Gender: Male

Faction: C.R.I.M.S.O.N

Human or Creature: Human

Species: N/A

Powers (Max. 4):

[spoiler= [b]Petrokinesis (3/4 Powers)[/b]]

Petrokinesis is the ability to Control and Mapuliate anything related to crystals by the use of his Augementaion Package that the Scientists of Project: Evo installed. This Mapuliation is Split into three Main power's:

  • Petraforming: The ability to shape Tools, Melee weapons and Basic Projectiles from any crystal and change there Properties at will.
  • Crystal Mimicry: The ability to Absorb the Properties of a crystal onto his or someone Else's person.
  • Advanced Healing: Crystal's are regarded to contain Magical medical abilitys in some cultures. With Petrokinesis, Lucciano can unlock these abilitys to him Himself and those around him to a Degree.



  • Petraforming allows Lucciano to create effective Weapons and tools with short notice, with little to no Material required.
  • The ability to change the Properties of any crystals around him allows him to create new and useful Materials for any situation with little work required.
  • Crystal Mimicry allows Lucciano to form Protective layers onto others or himself or Gain a property of a Crystal, Like raidoactivity.
  • His healing abilitys both cure Illness and Physical harm, Much faster then conventional Methods in medical Science, to Himself and Anyone around him.




  • All of Lucciano's Abilitys require him to be within Contact of a material with a Crystaline structure to be Mapuliated.
  • Crystal Mimicry works by Absorbing ALL Properties of the Sample. This meens he will absorb the Weakness of the sample along with it's Advantages.
  • Petraforming require's concertration to change the properties of the material, along with shaping it. A loss of focus will slow down or Halt the Ability.
  • Healing abilitys are limited to illness' and Wounds which you could surive with Modern medical science. Termimal Diseases and Fatal wounds cannot be Healed. Also, the more serious the wound, the more Exposure is required to fully recover.
  • Use of all of these Ability's cause the Release of the Hyper-Lethal chemical "Neodyne Hexdroxide" into his body (Read On to understand more about Neodyne Hexdroxide and it's effects).


[spoiler= [b]Project: Evo Augmentations (1/4 Powers)[/b]]


Lucciano's Power's devrive from the Augmentations in his body from Project: Evo. They are embedded into the Hormonal and Nervous systems of the body, along with the Vital organs and the Brain though a cascade of Microscopic Tubing and eletrical Inplants that lead into the Spinal Column. The spinal column Two containers attached to each Vertibrae, The containers being Biomass Reactors. These reactors contain the Petrokinesis ability that Lucciano currently Possess, Recycled from a Deceased Superhuman from the ruins of somewhere called "Sky City". The reactors uses the Augemetee's own Chemical engery to keep the Biomass alive, While the DNA is extracted when required, Transmogerfied into a Eletrical form and sent into the Nervous system to be Mapuliated. These Minature reactors can be Removed and switched with other Biomass Reactors to change the Abbilitys that Lucciano can wield though Surgery.


Unfortunaly, The Reactors cause various chemical reactions during the Converson from Chemical engery to eletrical impulses and React with the Cells within the reactor, Causing the stable Production of Neodyne Hexdroxide, A powerful toxin that attacks all Tissues within the body from the inside. This chemical is Normaly stored within Dyalisis containers to be reacted with other Chemicals and then moved into the Bladder to be excreted as Urine. Unfortunaly, the containers have no chemicals inside of them, so the Neodyne is Allowed to Stagnate and leak into the body via the Kidneys. Also, the Biomass consists of all the Body, including the Brain of the Deceased. The conversion to eletrical inpulses of Brain biomass has Limited Research, but Studys from the Early attempt's of Project: Evo suggest that the Augmented Will absorb and retain Key features of the Deeceased Mind, Like personatly traits and even Memorys.




  • The Augmented, though Surgical operations, Can swap Superpowers and store them in Medical canasters.



  • Lucciano's Dyalisis Containers are faulty, Causing the Release of the Hyper-lethal toxin, Neodyne Hexdroxide. The damage it inflicts is Long-Lasting and painful. Symptons Include Tissue damage, Increased Plasma levels, Decreased Blood cell count, Inflamation of Joints, Bone Marrow poisoning and A weakened Inmune system.
  • Lucciano's Biomass contains Brain cells from the Donor, Causing the user to experence the Memorys of the Deceased and obtain there personatly Trait's until his own are Destroyed.





Project: Evo was and is Lucciano's life. It was established by Normal humans, Researching how these powers worked and how they where in the Human Genepool. The project was originaly Commisoned by the Scientific community to Discover how this would affect the entire Human Race. It was small Scale and was only Intrested in Blood samples and How these powers where being Passed down from Generation to Generation. Goverments Thought only that these people where weapons to Win wars with. They needed to Understand fully how these People function and how they could issue these power's to Normal humans.


Project: Evo was striped from the Public eye and the Staff Kidnapped; A cover-Up by Enigma city being a Fire killing all inside there Laboratory. They where issued with Goverment scientists from the Corners of the World and a Inmmence Budget. They would only be freed if they compleated there Assigned objective; To create a Artifical Superhuman. Anything they required where delivered; People, Equipment, Chemicals. The scientists though, Came up with the Pratical theory for the Artifical Superhuman, they needed Two things which where Inmoral and Cannot be brought by any sum of Money: A living subject and the Corpse of a Superhuman. Yet, they Aquired the final Materials.


The corpse was from a Rivaling project in Sky city, Refered to only as Project: Promeium. It failed, as the Subjects launched a Brutal and Bloody Rebellion against the staff. The subject was classed as Hyper-Lethal, Wielding the power of Petrokinesis and was beyond Sanity. The rebellion lead to It's death, Leading to it's use in project: Evo. It was chopped up, Slurryed, Muxed with Preservents and Stored in Metal Cylinders. But for a subject, it would have to be Special; Someone young but Physicly strong. They desided the Inmoral; They woud breed Humans inside the project for Expermentation. Over One hundread humans where bred and Raised in Isolation of the real world, only for the Majority to Die or be Malformed for the remainder of there Caged lives. But, Four generations later, There born was Lucciano. Somehow, the Chances where in his Favor.


Aged 13, he was dragged into the Operation room, Kicking and Screaming as the Pipes and wires where embedded into his Young flesh. Fourty two hours later, he Surived the Operation without damage. The project has Suceeded, Lucciano was the First Artifical Superhero. As he Slept off his Scars, Project: Evo was shut down and the scientists freed at last. Lucciano was Frozen in Cryogenic's until the Goverment would require the Artifical hero's in the Theater of War. But they forgot Lucciano and Project: Evo, Leaving him frozen for years as he aged into a Teenager. The surfacing of C.R.I.M.S.O.N caused them to Re-Discover project: Evo while Searching for a Lair. There, they attempt to Re-Activate Lucciano from the Cryogenic Prison. C.R.I.M.S.O.N are About to Suceed with this.




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For the moment my guy is on the side of C.R.I.M.S.O.N. Although he may change to Enigma city. Even then, he will be going back and forth, to which ever side seems to be the most profitable on his account.


Can I still use my character, even though I haven't finished the Bio. The Bio may take a couple of Days. (There are three!)


EDIT: I'm going to post anyway. If I wasn't allowed until I've finished all the Bios of Akira, I'm sorry and you can Ignore my posts until then.

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Hello everyone. I've decided that this RP has enough promise to warrant my return to YCM.


[spoiler=[i]Appearance:[/i]] The obviously male figure stands a full six and a half feet tall, and it is obvious that he is rather muscular. Not a single bit of skin is visible on him, being covered by a jet black suit composed of a long-sleeved shirt fitting tightly on his upper body, a pair of black pants that fit in a similar way as his shirt, and a pair of black leather gloves that cove the whole of his hands and the portion of his sleeves that reach near his wrists. On his feet, he wears a pair of old style black leather combat boots, size sixteen and with a complete under-plating of steel armor. Over his shirt, he wears a tactical bullet-proof Kevlar vest and his arms are covered with armor of the same variety fitting perfectly against his muscles and yet not inhibiting movement, an identical variety of armor covering his legs down to the boots. His face is covered by a simple black and featureless mask with only eye-slits. His hair is silver, and long enough to reach down to the center of his armored back and covering both his ears and any skin on the back of his neck. The only weapons that he carries are a pair of Kama, Japanese one-handed sickles, held in leather loops on his back and typically concealed by his hair. The blades on these weapons are formed of an experimental material which is sharp enough to slice cleanly through diamond.


Name: "Astrum di Morte"

Gender: Male

Faction: C.R.I.M.S.O.N.

Human or Creature: Human

Species: N/A

Powers (Max. 4):

Enhanced nervous System - Basically he reacts at twice the speed of a normal human due to an enhanced nervous system. This basically means that while he can't run any faster, he's still liable to dodge around most of your attacks. Due to this enhanced nervous system, his thoughts also come more quickly, allowing him to work through problems at a faster rate than normal humans.

Enhanced Muscle Density - The cells in his muscles are packed twice as tightly as those in a normal human, making his physical body tougher, as well as increasing his strength substantially.

Enhanced Bone Density - His bones have a more compact porous structure, increasing the amount of bone material in any given portion of his skeletal structure. Basically, his bones are several times stronger than those of an average human, allowing him to take a great deal more punishment.

[spoiler=[i]Bio:[/i]] Astrum di Morte is not known to have any history outside of his service to C.R.I.M.S.O.N., having been first deployed against Enigma city over ten years ago. However, he was once a normal human whose name doesn't matter anymore. At the age of six years old he was kidnapped by C.R.I.M.S.O.N. and not a single trace of his ever having existed was left, as far as anyone who cared to look knew. From that time on he was trained to be their perfect weapon, learning the workings of every foe that they knew he would face inside and out. He was trained extensively in the Karate and Muay Thai, eventually mastering the most lethal techniques of both arts. Eventually, he maxed out the lethality which he could reach through physical training alone and became the subject of many extensive experiments with genetic alteration and performance-enhancing drugs. The end result of this was, quite simply, a man who could not only react at roughly twice the speed of a normal human, but also a man whose nervous system, and therefore brain, reacted at twice the speed as well. In addition to this, the density of his muscles and bones were increased, allowing him to take several times more punishment than any of the other human agents. Basically, he's your typical superhuman produced by the works of modern science, and pray to God if he's coming after you.


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Why not join...



Nash Murkoto is roughly taller height for his age, often wearing a long black coat, white turtle neck, khaki dress pants and ninja feet. Nash's skin is a smooth white color and his eyes is Onyx Blue. His hair is spiky silver hair with a blue tint, which lengthens. Nash is usually seen holding his sheath in his left hand and holding his long katana, Crystalis, in his right hand, saying, "....I see no need to simply put it on my body when someone can easily... take it." Nash's face is similar like his dead uncle,Albert Murkoto, same posiitoned eyes and nose but Wesker's, his father, mouth and ears.


Nash Murkoto



Faction: (C.R.I.M.S.O.N. or Enigma City)

Enigma City

Human or Creature:



Powers (Max. 4):


Being Injected with the T-virus disease, Nash has been seen given Enhanced Speed and Phantom Powers.

[spoiler=Incredible Speed] - able to cover great distances in short time, performing short dashes of speed faster than the normal human brain could process (causing him to appear to be teleporting)


[spoiler=Reflexes] - heightened physical abilities included being capable of dodging bullets at practically point blank range with minimal effort (including rapidfire or multiple shot weapons)


[spoiler=Agility] - being able to jump great heights


[spoiler=Strength] - being able to lift large missiles with one hand and throwing them, lifting an adult human off the ground with one hand effortlessly, thrusting straight through the chest of a person with his fingertips




Nash claimed to have cut all ties to his life in C.R.I.M.S.O.N., believing that they were the cause of his weakness. Nash seemed unwilling to needlessly kill in his quest for power. He possessed incredible self-control of his emotions, constantly displaying an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he didn't lose his composure. He did not possess any arrogance, and fully justified any statements he made about his power, even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities. In addition to being an extremely powerful human, Nash had equally impressive intelligence, and was shown to be very wise. He was exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he was rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also displayed great intuition, as he was almost never deceived and even then almost instantly realized the truth. Despite his status as a "weak experiment" in C.R.I.M.S.O.N., Nash took little enjoyment in violence and/or combat.

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Guest ∞Ryujin∞

I want to join



Name: Zero Spark

Gender: Male

Faction: Enigma City



1) Gravity Manipulation (Can only adjust self gravity so he can defy gravity like walking in air)

2) Electrokenisis (His speed allows him to generate electricity that he can then control. Not strong enough to be lethal.)

3) Speed (Naturally has increased speed of a normal human. Can go at the speed of sound but causes lots of exhaustion)

4) Healing (Overtime reverses damage done to the body. This power seems to reverse time slowly on his body to return the body to the state before it was damaged)

Bio: Zero came from a town small town that was destroyed in an explosion he believes to be caused by C.R.I.M.S.O.N. He came to Enigma City a few months ago to help protect the citizens and stop C.R.I.M.S.O.N. He can befriend almost anyone and is extremely loyal to his friends and comrades. He has much potential but his powers are not very strong right now. He is always training to become better. He is in possession of a special katana that has special properties when it reacts with electricity.


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