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Pokemon Quest

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<div>2010, at Area 51, Digitization Chamber:</div><div>"Something's wrong... the digitizer!! ITS GONNA BLOW!!!!"</div><div>An explosion rocks the building. You, as well as some of your friends-government agents-are changing... OMG! You are a pokemon!!! Now, you've got to find a way to change back, but that's gonna be hard. You can't use weapons, so you use your abilities to travel through many countries!</div><div>------------------------------------------</div>

This is an RP taking place on Earth, but people have been replaced by Pokemon!

It's up to us to change the world! <div>------------------------------------------</div><div> n00bs who want to join have to PM me first, but anyone else is in the clear.</div><div> [spoiler=App]


Name: your account OR a made-up one


Moveset: something low-level, like a Lvl 5 pokemon would have.


Held Item:






 </div><div>------------------------------------------</div><div>P.S. grammar has to be semiformal. </div><div>My app</div><div>App:

Name: Die Predators</div><div> Moveset: Tackle, Ember, Defense Curl </div><div> Held Item: Quick Claw</div><div> Inventory:

Oran Berry

Pecha Berry

Oran Berry</div>

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