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i originaly posted this in a not-contest for a chaos deck idea but actualy kinda like it and want to see what others think/ what improvements can be made. (the way it is was thought of on the fly and so may not even work, i understand that.)

3 shotendoji
3 goblin zombie
3 zombie master
1 mezuki
1 plague
3 dimensional alchemist
3 battle fader
3 chaos sourcer ( <- its has them so it counts right?)
2 dd sprite (i know the ruling, it dont really matter for this deck)
1 necroface

3 gold sarcofogous
2 d.d.r. different dimension reincarnation
3 book of life
1 burial from different dimension
1 book of moon
1 monster reborn
1 truenade
1 foolish burial
1 dark hole

1 return from different dimension
1 mirror force
1 torrencial tribute
2 bottomless

synchros:lots of five and sixes probably

play guide:

focus is on necro face. search out with gold sarc or goblin.

use shotendoji or chaos sourcer to remove it from grave or place it on top of deck (reason for zombie stuff)

use dimensional alchemist directly after shotendoji top o' deck effect to mill necro


use really big necro face for game or swarm zombies/ synchros or what ever.
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