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Two New Dubsteps I Found that are Pretty Beastly


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[quote name='Revenant Black' timestamp='1299871778' post='5066905']
Teh Prototypes - Breathless

Skream ft. Example - Shot Yourself in the Foot Again

I used to be all BB and old school Hip-Hop, now dubstep has found a way into mein heart!
I do wonder why UKFDrumandBass posted Breathless and not UKFDubstep... It's both! Did notice there was a remix posted by UKFDubstep...

SYITFA is great. Don't really like Skream too much, but that song is by far the best he has produced. Maybe because Example is pure smexiness.

If you need suggestions for good DS artists, I'm glad to help.
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