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"Aye, roll another one bossman. ;D"

Afro Sаmurai

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my name is Afro Samurai, I am 15 years of age and from the United Kingdom, London. I am currently doing my GCSEs taking; P.E (Physical Education) and art, well those are the two main ones on my mind. I love to play Basketball and I must say I'm pretty damn awesome at it, I have won numerous art, sport and creative writing competitions within my school and borough and plan to contribute to this site in the Fan Fic section.


So, why Yu-Gi-Oh? Just general interest I guess, simple as that, cool bossmen and women, love; Afro. ;D

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Who had that avi before? I think it was HP Doom...


Anyway, welcome, try not to be a horrible failure like the majority of Fanfics. If you haven't already, read "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser. I swear, if it were free I'd be proposing a rule to get that as mandatory reading before you can post a topic in the Fanfiction section.

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