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Naruto Revolution

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[center][FONT="Book Antiqua"]It has been over six hundred years sense the time of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, of The Akatsuki, and of Naruto Uzimaki. After the defeat of the Akatsuki, something marvelous happened, something that hadn't happened sense the time that humans had walked the earth: Peace. As unbelievable as it was, people stopped killing, stopped hating, stopped being evil.

How could there be a downside to this? What could be the problem here? Well, ninja thrive in times of turmoil, so in this time of peace, the people of the five great nations began to ask themselves: "Why do we need these shinobi?" This was what started the Great Ninja Downturn, in which ninja were needed less, they lost power, and they became seen as evils. Like witches, they, in some parts of the world, were even lynched for their use of chakra, or "magic".

Now, after so much time, the world has changed. The ninja villages are smaller, the industrial revolution has started, steam powered trains are in use, and the first basic guns have been created. Tensions are beginning to rise again, skirmishes have broken out, and the countries are fighting again. For the first time in centuries, Ninja are required again, and for the past few years, the last remaining ninja have been training new genin for the revitalized "war economy".

You are one of these new genin. Your training has been rushed in the efforts to get you to work. You have just graduated from the ninja academy, and are likely to be put to work immediately.Will you become one of the greatest ninja ever to live, even against the surmounting prejudice against you, or will you cave into the hate of the people, and give reason to their fear and hatred? The choice is yours.


Seven Years ago a new generation of ninja rose. These young Shinobi started out in a world of peace and order, however that suddenly changed. Upon the villages first mission they were sent off to a mansion where a man named Sigmund Freud held these ninja in a tournament. Originally their host he became a terrifying monster, leaving all the genin there to die until the arrival of the Five Kages.

Soon after the reformation of Akatsuki took place, with Korshmalidom as the leader. He quickly got his members and sent them off into separate sections of the shinobi world, locating the Akatsuki Rings so they may be able to seal the Tailed Beasts for their ultimate goal.

The Chunin Exams shortly started up with the new generation all set and ready to go. After passing the first rounds the Genin were soon pit up against one another, leading to the final match of Hideki vs Kinzey. However there match was quickly interrupted as all ten members of Akatsuki invaded and ripped the Eight Tails out of Kinzey. The villages tried to fight off the Akatsuki but they didn't go without damage, and in the end they got what they wanted, and quickly retreated.

Knowing that they weren't strong enough all the genin (and new chunin) went through three years of harsh training, trying to get stronger, trying to be more useful than they had been three years in the past. With that in mind they all got strong, extremely strong, and then continued to take on missions until something big came up.

However then it happened, a Five Kage Summit Meeting was called by a mysterious man. That man, which was named Nazo had information on the Akatsuki, and wanted them defeated only for the price of allowing him to rule all five nations. With the Kages refusing they sent a squad with the current generation along with a representative from the Land of Iron to go take out this threat. After ambushing and battling Nazo everyone was worn out and no one could fight any longer, which ended the battle, ending in a draw.

After facing another [I]defeat[/I] like this the generation has started to train again, to take on missions, and to get stronger than they were before. Three years later they've prepared for the war that is sure to ensue with the Akatsuki.[/FONT]

[SPOILER=Character Sheet]
Name: (While it doesn't have to be a perfect Japanese name, don't use "Bob" or "ThunderFist")

Age: (A genin would be 13-15.)



Kekki Genkei: (Rinnegan is not allowed; you can't be a jinchuriki with a Kekki Genkei)

Bijuu: (Check to see which are taken)

Appearance: (A pic or a good description)

Background: (At least one paragraph, why they became a ninja, who their family are, etc)

Chakra Nature(s):

Personality: (At least a paragraph, how your character acts and why)


Weapons: (No need to mention the usual ninja weapons, like kunai and shuriken.)
[Spoiler=Accepted Apps]
[Spoiler=Afro Samurai]
Name: Mugen Uzumaki

Age: 16

Rank: Jounin

Village: Konohagakure (Hidden leaf)

Kekki Genkei: N/A

Bijuu: Nine Tails

Appearance: Mugen has dark brown hair in a huge afro/curly mess. He has deep blue eyes and lightly tanned skin, he carries on his back a vertically placed Katana and brandishes the symbol of the Uzumaki clan. He wears an open, orange kimono with a white top underneath and baggy combat shorts with a shuriken pouch on the left leg.

Background: Mugen Uzumaki is a predecessor of the now great Uzumaki clan; he is inspired by his relative the great Naruto Uzumaki and follows in his footsteps of desiring the position ‘Hokage’. After the time of Naruto the villagers came to respect those who bared the burden of the Nine tails and accepted Mugen as one of their own. Mugen is a natural in all areas of Ninjutsu and is a well respected Ninja having made Jounin at only age 16.

Chakra Nature(s): Wind release

Personality: Mugen is an extremely popular young man who is respected by all the villagers, he is famed amongst the villagers for being that of the great Uzumaki clan and in gratitude for their given respect he is respectful back to them. He considers himself somewhat a lady’s man and has the natural ability to make anybody laugh.

Shadow Clone Jutsu (Commonly used Jutsu in the Uzumaki clan)

Weapon: Katana.
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Name: Nejii Uchiha

Age: 14

Village:Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village)

Kekki Genkei: Mangekyou Sharingan (?)

Bijuu:(What is this?)

Appearance: [IMG]http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu15/sabaku-no-briana/itachiwhenlittle.jpg[/IMG]
Age: 14

Background: Nejii Was the Last Uchiha to be born,Sasuke,His Father Treated him like a slave so he ran away at age 12 with little food.Around In The Leaf Forest Nejii was very Hungry he has not eaten in days almost a week,he fell face first to the ground in the leaf forest.Nejii said "Is this the End of me,Will i Die Here"? The a Ninja saw Nejii face first on the ground the ninja gave him bread to eat.The Ninja said "Who are you,what are you doing here"? Nejii said "I-I I'm Nejii Uchiha,i ran away from my home my father he was cruel to me". The Ninja Thought "Uchiha!!!,There's only 1 of them left that would be Sasuke Uchiha but this little fellow is an Uchiha". The Ninja said "Well you can come with me to Konoha". Nejii was eating his bread while the ninja talked. Nejii said "Are you sure"? The Ninja said "Sure". At Konoha Nejii Grew up To be a ninja and was very good at genjutsu then the other students.Nejii Uchiha is now 14 years old a genin.

Chakra Nature(s): Powerful,Calm,Confident.


Jutsu: Mangekyou Sharingan (Not yet Discovered)
Substitution Jutsu
Transformation Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Fire Style:Fire Ball Jutsu
Water Style:Shark Bomb Jutsu
Intermediate Genjutsu (Weaker Tsukiyomi,Kunai in genjutsu)
4xGiant Shuriken
20x Paper Bombs
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@Aragon: bijuu = tailed beast (1 tailed shukaku 9 tailed fox etc)

anyway heres my

Name: Kazuya Kurama

Age: 18

Rank: Chuunin/Missing Nin (B/C Rank)

Village: Ex-Konohagakure

Kekkei Genkai: Kurama Clan's Unnamed Kekkei Genkai

Bijuu: ----

Appearance: Kazuya is roughly average height for his age, though skinny due to living in the cave, often wearing a dark black t-shirt and pants. Kazuya's skin is a pale white color and his eyes are a green/hazel color. His hair sticks out sideways though the top is mostly flat leaving his hari looking like it has spikes around the side of it, the color of this hair being black contrasting to his pale skin tone. When Kazuya is out on a mission he wears his Iwagakure headband which he has been allowed to use just above the spikes in his hair, wearing a dark blue jacket over his shirt and putting a pouch with various ninja tools on hsi right side leg, sometimes putting his short sword in it's sheathe on over his back not being able to fight muvh with it usefully though he often doesn't wear it.

Background: Kazuya was born in Konohagakure shortly before his parents had decided to leave the village, knowing he may have been able to train as a ninja one day they had left him with a friend of theirs inside the village before leaving, Kazuya usually quiet compared to most people his age as he grew in a house only a short distance away from the ninja academy. While at the ninja academy Kazuya was always the quietes in his classes, seemingly not wanting to talk as he usually just sat there watching whatever the teacher was doing. During his test at the ninja academy to become a genin he had created almost a perfect clone with his clone technique, but was unable to use henge jutsu effectively only creating what appeared to be a mixture between himself and his instructor, that being the only basic technique he hadn't been able to master as quickly, though his score on his written exam was enough to get him a pass even with this.

At the age of 10 the family Kazuya had been living with was killed by rogue ninja while out during seperate missions, when Kazuya had learned of this he ran from the village the only one to follow him being a chunin who had been very proficient at countering genjutsu. Kazuya tried to stop them from following them by using a genjutsu but it was easily broken due to the skill of the chunin and how upset Kazuya was. Kazuya's Split personality had then used his emotional state to assert itself in control, his personality having quickly changed as it got out looking at the chunin as if sizing them up before looking into their eyes and using Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique leaves falling around the chunin as they took a couple of steps fowards before seeing their old academy teacher coming at them with a kunai, scared but knowing it must have been an illusion he tried to counter it failing due to the kurama clan's kekkei genkai which the split personality controlled. the chunin was soon killed in the battle with the illusion of his old academy teacher who he had always though was the person who liked him best as Kazuya's split personality was pushed back inside due to not having fully been able to take control. As Kazuya saw the body of the chunin he ran.

After what Kazuya though was days and days of running he found himself in mountain range moving through it carefully before collapsing exaughsted, his headband loosening and slipping of as it got caught on a rock. Kazuya had soon been found by a young Iwagakure genin who wondering who they were had took him back to the village, wondering how the boy had got into such a state. In Iwagakure after roughly a day Kazuya had woken up scared as he saw the people around him noticing a teenage boy somewhere nearby with a headband that seemed similar to his but had a rock on it then feeling his forehead slightly before noticing his was gone. Kazuya was then asked why he was there and how he got into such a state, after telling them about it, due to mainly the kindness of a few nin who had saw him he was allowed to stay living in the mountain ranges and eventually after about a year they allowed him to help on missions with their nin, wearing a Iwagakure headband with red cloth behind it having been assigned to a squad that had already had 4 nin at first staying with that squad and helping with what he could for roughly 4 months while they trained before the Tsuchikage had trusted him enough to assign him to a squad, Kazuya coming down from the mountains to help the squad train often but living in the cave, during the night sometimes his split personality had took control of him while he was inside the cave and tried to find nin to fight unable to find them before he turned back to his normal self and returned to the cave making sure to stay as close to the back as he could to make the split personality be able to walk less of a distance while it was in control until it assumed further control. Kazuya has since remained on the outskirts of Iwagakure in the mountain range living inside a cave helping the Iwagakure nin train at times though wary incase his split personality assumes control while he trains the genin and chuunin so that if they are sent out into battle they may survive, having not thought of konoha for the past 4 years.

Chakra Nature(s): Katon

Personality: Kazuya is usually calm and quiet moving around without trying to bring attention to himself as he moves, often moving away from those he doesn't know if they move near him quickly. While on missions Kazuya seems to be trying to watch all around him while moving making sure no-one is there before moving on if he sees something move, often preferring to flee instead of fighting if he sees someone. Inside his cave where Kazuya usually sleeps he is mostly calm often not paying much attention but still wondering if someone is nearby, often trying to keep himself where he can avoid being seen while inside. When Kazuya's split personality takes over he seems much less calm acting cruel towards those he thinks aren't able to fight and often trying to challenge those he thinks he can beat, (including those with weapons he knows nothing of how to use), his split personality being much more talkative and cruel than his normal self.

Jutsu: Katon - Great Dragon Fire Technique
Katon - Intelligent Hard Work
Katon - Mist Blaze Dance Technique
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Genjutsu Binding
Mental Barricades
Sly Mind Affect Technique
Time Reversal Technique
Tyrant's Calling

Weapons: Short Sword (which he isn't proficient/skilled at using yet)[/spoiler]
[spoiler=2nd app if allowed]
Name: Kintaro

Age: 25

Rank: Sannin (S rank, trained under the village's elders [takigakure being one of the hidden villages outside the 5 Great Countries meaning it has no Kage]

Village: TakiGakure (the fact it's inside a large tree making it the least affected by the outside worlds advancements?)

Kekki Genkei: -----

Bijuu: Nanabi no Kabutomushi (Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle)

[spoiler=Appearance:][img]http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs13/f/2007/038/7/8/ninja_by_Kseronarogu.jpg[/img] Village headband symbol is burnt onto the headband looking bit of helmet[/spoiler]

Background: Kintaro was born in Takigakure, The Village Hidden in a Waterfall, having been surrounded by a giant tree made this the hidden village that was the least affected by the updates in technology, still training ninja as usual while scouting the outside world finding however that nearby villages had been affected by these advancements. the Nanabi no Kabutomushi was sealed in Kintaro by one of the village Elders while he was very young having only been 1 year old at the time, having trouble controlling the beast at first due to the seal not completely blocking off the Nanabi no Kabutomushi's power but rather restraining it's power somewhat. At the age of 11 Kintaro was able to control his tailed beast enough to keep it from covering him in it's cloak and influencing him, also able to control creatin parts of it while they were out. This mastery of the beast having not been seen before leading to the village accepting him as a ninja of theirs rather than despising him for holding the beast inside of him, it was at this age the elders decided to begin training him, teaching him a few suiton ninjutsu which is the villages main release type but focusing their training more on control of his tailed beast. When Kintaro reached the ago of 20 he was ale to control himself while in the tailed beast's cloak soon after finding a area of the tree unaccesible y normal means needing to e able to fly to to be able to enter, using the tailed beast's chakra cloak allowing him to only just make it from the inside walls of the tree to the platform. Inside a large cvhamber on the platform Kintaro had found a large room with various statues and what looked like a Rhino beetle's horn at the end, pulling the horn downwards he had opened as secret room entering the room he fell unconscious, communicating with his tailed beast inside himself. During this first encounter with the bijuu sealed inside of him kintaro felt the hatred coming from the beast as it felt like it had been locked within him for no other reason than to store it and use it as a weapon. Kintaro had then woken up moving outside the room and pulling the horn back up sealing the room off before returning to his house. Kintaro had then continued travelling there for the next two years managing finally to convince the nanabi no kabutomushi that he wasn't against it and he meant it no harm, the tailed beast eventually allowing him to use it's power willingly over the next few months. Within a year Kintaro was able to conntrol the Full tailed beast from and was able to communicate with the nanabi no kabutomushi without needing to enter the room where he fell unconscious and entered himself. Kintaro had later roughly 6 months later left to travel to see if there was anything he could find out that could help his village, a few genin tried convincing him to take them along but he refused journeying alone.

Chakra Nature(s): Suiton

Personality: Kintaro usually looks like he is talking to himself as he moves communicating with the nanabi no kautomushi maintaing a friendly relationship with it, even making a similar hissing noise around those he distrusts for reasons he knows nothing more than by having bonded so much with the bijuu. While around others Kintaro is usually calm, talking to his bijuu less but otherwise keeping the same friendly attitude he does when he talks to the bijuu when talking to those around. When fighting Kintaro usually tries to end the battles quickly but non-lethally disliking to kill and often avoiding battle if he can. While around other ninja Kintaro is usually quiet watching them carefully and depending on their headband he may attack due to Takigakure's dislike of Konoha, Suna & Kumogakure, not really liking nor disliking Kirigakure though having heard rumours about how they used to have their graduation exams.

Jutsu: Ninja Art: Water Replacement
Suiton - Gunshot
Suiton - Huge Explosion Technique
Suiton - Water Fang Bullet
Suiton - Waterfall Basin Technique
[spoiler=Tailed Beast Armor]the hard exoskeleton of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi forms over the users body, protecting them from most low-medium powered jutsu only being able to be broken by high level offensive ninjutsu, (doesn't use the actual tailed beasts exoskeleton but uses the tailed beast's chakra to form an exoskeleton similar to that of the tailed beast around the user though unable to be moved)
Tailed Beast Ball
[spoiler=Tailed Beast Launch]using the strength of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi the user lifts an oject well over what they would usually be able to lift while covered in a cloak of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi's chakra able to throw heavier objects than you would think capable of lifting, if the user doesn't have enough chakra however this technique may fail halfway through and crush the user under the object they lifted
[spoiler=Tailed Beast Flight]the Nanabi no Kabutomushi's back of it's exoskeleton forms over the users back allowing them to use the second set of wings on the back to fly and maintain height up to a certain level
Water Clone Technique

Weapons: A small sword made of hard metal which is layers and has been colored a dark blu-ish color resembling the Nanabi no Kabutomushi's exoskeleton and being ale to catch and/or store objects within the areas between each layer of metal (ex kunai inbetween the layers of metalable to be retrieved while the blade is caught on comething to be used quickly)

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Name: (While it doesn't have to be a perfect Japanese name, don't use "Bob" or "ThunderFist") Daichi Uchiha

Age: (A genin would be 13-15.) 19.

Rank: S-rank ANBU/Missing Ninja...

Village: Ex-Konohagakure...

Kekki Genkei: (Rinnegan is not allowed; you can't be a jinchuriki with a Kekki Genkei) Eternal Mangeykyou Sharingan

Bijuu: (Check to see which are taken) -------

Appearance: (A pic or a good description) Daichi Uchiha is roughly taller height for his age, often wearing a long black coat, white turtle neck, khaki dress pants and ninja feet. Daichi's skin is a smooth white color and his eyes has the Eternal Mangeykyo Sharingan planted inside him permanently. His hair is spiky silver hair with a blue tint, which lengthens. Daichi is usually seen holding his sheath in his left hand and holding his long katana, Crystalis, in his right hand, saying, "....I see no need to simply put it on my body when someone can easily... take it." Daichi's face is similar like his dead uncle, Itachi Uchiha, same posiitoned eyes and nose but Sasuke's mouth and ears.

Background: Daichi was born into the Uchiha clan and wasn't praised by all as the best of his generation; a genius above all others. Even by the standards of the battle-adept Uchiha clan, Daichi's prowess far outshone them. However, not even his family, friends, or teachers could understand him. When he was only five, Daichii had already witnessed countless lives lost due to the Shinobi World War, which emotionally traumatized him and turned him into a pacifist. At age 8, he graduated from the Ninja Academy at the top of his class after only one year, mastered the Sharingan at age nine, passed the Chūnin Exams at age 11, and became an ANBU Captain at age 14. He wasn't praised highly by his father, Sasuke Uchiha. However, during this time Daichi showed great affection towards his little brother Nejii.

At some point in time, Daichi kept himself alive through the intake of various medicines and sheer "willpower".

Chakra Nature(s):Fire Release, Lightning Release, Water Release

Personality: Daichi claimed to have cut all ties to his life in Konoha, believing that they were the cause of his weakness. Daichi seemed unwilling to needlessly kill in his quest for power. He possessed incredible self-control of his emotions, constantly displaying an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he didn't lose his composure. He did not possess any arrogance, and fully justified any statements he made about his power, even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities. In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja, Daichi had equally impressive intelligence, and was shown to be very wise. He was exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he was rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also displayed great intuition, as he was almost never deceived and even then almost instantly realized the truth. Despite his status as a wanted criminal, Daichi took little enjoyment in violence and/or combat.

Clone Great Explosion
Crow Clone Technique
Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes
White Crow Ninjutsu
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Water Release: Giant Water Vortex
Chidori Current
Chidori Senbon
Chidori Sharp Spear[/spoiler]

Weapons: His long katana, Crystalis...
Overall Length: 48 1/2"
Blade Length: 38 1/2" stainless steel blade (false-edged)
Handle Length: 9 1/2"[/spoiler]
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Aragon, 1) you seem to not know much about Naruto. Mangekyo Sharingan is a highly difficult and powerful Advancement of the Original Sharingan, so I doubt a Genin would've unlocked it. 2) The name is VERY unoriginal. Neji Uchiha? Seriously? 3) You haven't read the Plot. This is 600 years after Sasuke Uchiha, and I highly doubt that Sasuke had Any kids(Though you never know) 4) Chakra nature is the elements.

[spoiler=My app]Name: Akira Kurosawa

Age: 14

Rank: Jounin Bordering Sannin

Village: Konohagakure

[spoiler=Kekki Genkei: Shikra]The Shikra is a rare Kekkei Genkai only available to the Rei Clan, a clan that is only found in Konohagakure, and has been nearly driven to extinction(It is also one of the Founding Clans of Konoha, but due to it's power it was rejected). Very few remaining members have obtained a Shikra, and only Akira and his father have mastered it, despite being from a Side Branch. The Shikra is a Dojutsu which originally makes the Eye go bright, Electric blue, with the pupil being bright Yellow and is originally found in only one eye. Once the user manages to gain control over the technique, the other eye can be activated. After this stage, there is one more. The advanced Shikra is noticable by the Lightning bolt shaped yellow streaks that advanced from the Pupil of the owner to the edge of the Iris. The more of these Yellow streaks, the stronger the Shikra. Akira currently has 3 streaks, signalling a very strong shikra. However, his father has 5, and his Grandfather, formor head of the clan, had a record of 10. The Shikra itself can unnerve people just by looking at them, and the power of the Shikra seems to increase its power to unnerve. However, other users of the Shikra seem to be unnaffected by this ability, and the cause of the Ability is unknown.
The Shikra itself allows the user to manipulate Genjutsu to an extreme and allows talented users of it to use some genjutsu without Handseals. When users have gained the Shikra in both eyes, the Genjutsu they create can even fool Byakugan and Sharingan, aswell as other, less famous, Kekkei Genkai. As the user hits the top stage, they can use Clones without handseals, and clones use less Chakra. The Shikra also increases the Users Reflexes, Senses, speed and strength, the eyesight incredibly. However, using Shikra for too long can cause the user to gain a headache, and Akira's grandfather even died from overuse of the Shikra. There are many Techniques that are only available by using the Shikra, aswell as some Rei Clan only Techniques, such as the Blazing Fire Sword Technique(In no way related to the Lightning Blade/Raikiri Technique). Most of the Genjutsu used by Master Shikra users can only be detected by other Shikra Masters. [/spoiler]

Bijuu: N/A

Appearance: [IMG]http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb144/anime_lover-122792/anime%20icons/guys/Ninja_with_sword.jpg[/IMG]

Background: Akira was born into the not very well known Family of the Rei clan, of which no Main branch members exist today. This family was there at the creation of Konohagakure, and was one of the Beginning clans. All throughout the history of Konohagakure, it has been labelled a 'Witch' Clan, because of it's illusions, and was slowly hunted to near Extinction. They were very difficult to locate, many living inside Illusions, hiding their Homes. The remaining members of the Clan have abandoned their Kekkei Genkai, and if any main branch members still exist, they have changed their names. They're very few that retain the Kekkei Genkai, including the members of Akira's family, specifically him, his father, his Grandfather, his Grandfather's father and so on. Being a user of the Shikra, he was already above the rank of Genin by the age of 5, and by the age of 10 he was stronger than a Chuunin, and could kill a man in 1000 different ways without any kind of Weaponry.
He wasn't trained in the Ninja Academy, due to him being able to surpass a few teachers there at the age he would've entered at, and so he was trained by his Grandfather in the techniques of the Clan. Because this was before the Ninja's were needed again, they had to conceal their training with Illusions, so that was what he was taught first. Then they moved on to the Clan's Signature Element, Fire, and then Akira's other Element, Earth. From the Age of 5 to the Age of 12, Akira grew from a Genin/Chuunin ranked Ninja, to a Jounin/Anbu Levelled Ninja. By this time the Ninja's were back, but the Rei Clan still remains Hidden. However, Akira has become an Official Ninja, despite being so young, and is officially a Jounin, although he's not trusted that much by the Older Ninja's.

Chakra Nature(s): Centred around Genjutsu. Main Elemental Affinities are Fire and Earth.

Personality: Akira, despite the meaning of his name being Killer, abhors violence, and will rarely kill his Enemies. He will generally disable or incapacitate most of them, and will only Kill when necessary. He is generally a calm and quiet individual, who when he talks is clearly intelligent. When he does talk he is polite and quick to the point, rarely going off topic with his conversations. He is friendly and respectful, but he rarely gets close to people due to his Kekkei Genkai and the fact he is extremely talented compared to many others.

[spoiler=Jutsu List:] [b][u]Genjutsu[/u][/b]
Demonic Illusion: False Battle Technique
Description: Creates the illusion of a battle with the opponent, distracting them for either an Easy kill or a quick get away. The battle usually involves Kazuki using his Fire Blade technique, as they have all but the last hand seal the same. This is one of Kazuki's most powerful Genjutsu, and a unique one he developed himself.

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Detail: This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. Everyone has an image of the one thing they wouldn't want to ever see. This genjutsu is a technique that draws forth such an image from within the heart and has one mistake it for reality.

Demonic Illusion: Thousand Eye's of Despair
Detail: Encases the Victim in a room of Illusion which is surrounded by millions of Shikra eye's, unnerving the victim and causing them to, occasionally, be unable to use Jutsu or Chakra.

Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique
Detail: This jutsu causes the illusion of a tremendous ball of fire falling from the sky into a designated area.

Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body
Detail: This genjutsu requires the Sharingan or Shikra and eye contact to be activated. The illusion traps the victim in a dark empty space where their body is made of paper that burns from toe to head while the user is watching. The technique will make it harder for the target to move properly

Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes
Detail: Firstly, this technique requires the use of the Sharingan or Shikra. The opponent is caught in an illusionary world created by the user, and the victim will be tormented with the sensation of having spikes driven through their limbs, taking away their body's freedom. At the same time, the physical pain accompanying the illusion reveals the greatest use this technique has is primarily for torture.

[b][u]Fire Release[/u][/b]
Blazing Fire Sword Technique
Description: A Variation of the Kirigakure village's Spinning Ice Blade technique invented by Konoha's previous Hokage, intended to counter the Ice blade technique. It was taught to the Rei clan by the 7th Hokage just before his death, and has been handed down to the most talented children of each generation of the Rei clan, aswell as every child in the main branch. It engulfs the users hand in a blaze of flames, which start halfway between the wrist and the elbow, and ends about 2 foot away from the tip of the users hand. The flames taper to a point at the end of the flames, earning it the title of Fire Sword.. The user feels none of the heat of the flames, but may occasionally get burned. This technique also enhances the users speed and strength. Like the Ice Blade technique, it is one of the most dangerous Fire Element techniques at the moment, and has many variations.

Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere
Descriptionl: The user exhales a meteor-sized sphere of fire that carries the enemy away and causes a massive explosion on impact.

Fire Release: Fire Blade inferno
Description: This technique can only be used when Blazing fire Blade is active. The user Sacrifices the Blazing Fire Blade technique to cause an explosion, distracting the opponent and causing damage. When this is used all effects caused by the Blazing fire blade, on both the opponent and the user, are negateed.

Concentrated Fire Blade.
Description: A stronger, moree volatile version of the Blazing fire blade. It can only be used while fire blade is Active. It concentrates the users chakra into a physical form, creating a Katana out of the Chakra. This Blade can manipulate fire and is surrounded by it, and increases the Users speed and strength to nearly godly amounts. However, it lasts longer and takes much more of a toll on the user, as well as it fails to burn the opponent. Usually only used as a last resort.

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Detail: A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled from the mouth in a massive orb of roaring flame. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface.

Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique
Detail: This technique creates small fireballs, which are spat out of the user's mouth, flying wildly in every direction and assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely, difficult.

Fire Clone Technique
Detail: This technique creates a clone made of fire of the user. Since its made of flame, it can continue to reform and mold itself back to its original shape. When extinguished the remaining flames slightly burn the opponent.

Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Detail: The user kneads chakra into flames, which are then manipulated into a genuine-looking dragon. Since the art of having the flames obey the user's will is outrageously difficult, its mastery is restricted to a limited number of skillful shinobi. The spat out flames are divided to launch a left side, right side, and frontal assault in all three directions at once, turning the enemy into ash in a matter of seconds.

Fire Release: Running Fire Technique
Detail: This jutsu will create jets of fire that can be manipulated into several forms (Eg. rings of fire that runs on the ground or a circle of fire flying through the air) before striking the target.

Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Detail: This technique creates a volley of small fireballs, which are spat out of the user's mouth, flying wildly in every direction and assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely difficult. Shuriken can be hidden within the flames, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack. Like the flames, the shuriken can be controlled with chakra. For the most part, however, this technique is used as a distraction.

Fire Release: Soaring Flame Bullet
Detail: The user exhales a stronger yet shorter version of the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. This Technique requires a much larger amount of Chakra, and can occasionally burn the users throat.

Fire Release: Small Fire stream
Detail: The user releases a small short ranged stream of flame at the opponent, causing them to collapse. This move requires no hand seals.

Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique
Detail: The user creates powerful flames inside the giant oven created by the Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind, cooking the opponent until they are burned. It's used together with Earth Release: Sticky Earth Drop to harden the mud covering the enemy's body and subsequently immobilizing them.

[b][u]Earth Release[/u][/b]
Earth Clone Technique
Detail: This technique creates a clone made of mud of the user. Since its made of mud, it can continue to reform and mold itself back to its original shape.

Earth Release: Rock Pillar Prison
Detail: This jutsu creates a large amount of rock pillars from under ground. They can then be controlled to surround their opponent and create a bamboo-like thicket of rock.

Earth Release: Stone Armor
Detail: This technique makes earth-chakra flow through the body, absorbing the properties of stone around the user to form a skin-deep armor that is transparent and is only visible when light reflects off it.

Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears
Detail: This technique lets the user condense mud or stone, from the ground, and shape them into spikes that will protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.

Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin
Detail: This jutsu allows the user to control multiple sections of rock and move them around their opponent. The user then forms two gigantic sections that crush the Opponent.

Earth Release: Antlion Technique
Detail: This jutsu causes the ground and everything on and around it to be sucked in towards the middle of a large pit, much like the method an antlion uses to catch prey. Upon being dragged to the center, the victim will then be sucked underground. There the victim, depending on how deep the user makes them sink, will be trapped and/or suffocated. The range of the pit is determined by how much chakra is put into the jutsu.

Earth Release: Destructive Rising Rock Pillars
Detail: This jutsu causes gigantic pillars of rock to forcefully emerge from the ground, causing shockwaves in the process that flatten the ground around them and cause devastating damage to the enemy. Because it goes in all directions and causes such large shockwaves, this jutsu is perfect against a large number of foes.

Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Detail: This ninjutsu is used to defend against an incoming attack by creating a solid wall of earth. Chakra is converted to earth within the body and then spat out. This earth then instantly rises up and takes form. The barrier itself is also coated with chakra, making its strength incomparable to that of a normal mud wall. Because of the earth's special characteristics, the wall is highly resistant against, for instance, fire and water. Also, for a Kage-class shinobi it is possible to create a vast volume of earth.

Earth Release: Rock Pillar Prison Technique
Detail: This jutsu creates a large amount of rock pillars from under ground. They can then be controlled to surround their opponent and create a bamboo-like thicket of rock.

Earth Release: Sticky Earth Drop
Detail: The user creates an opening in the sky, which drips down onto the opponent a large amount of mud, covering them. It's followed by Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind to create a giant oven around the opponent and Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique to ignite the oven, hardening the mud and immobilizing the enemy.

Lightning release: Sixteen pillar Bind
Detail: A more powerful version of Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind, the user creates sixteen giant pillars, which then form a giant oven-like structure to trap the enemy. Once the enemy is trapped in the oven-like box, lightning would shoot out towards them. It is used after Earth Release: Sticky Earth Drop to cover the enemy in mud and then followed by Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique, creating flames inside the oven to roast and harden the mud, immobilizing the enemy.

Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
Detail: Four giant rock pillars are summoned around the enemy, then shoot bolts of lightning, immobilizing the target and possibly doing damage to them.

Chakra Enhanced Strength
Detail: This is a jutsu in which the user focuses precise chakra control into their hands or feet and releases it with pinpoint timing, which greatly enhances their strength.

Leaf Great Whirlwind
Detail: A series of kicking attacks, starting from a low kick and linking into a middle kick and high kick then finishing off with a heel drop. As the rotation speed picks up the user gains buoyancy, which they use to shift into gradually higher attacks.

Shadow Clone Technique
Detail: Similar to the Clone Technique, this jutsu creates clones of the user. But unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after one or two solid blows.

Body Flicker Technique
Detail: This jutsu is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds.

Temporary Paralysis Technique
Detail: A technique for physical restraint, quite as if the opponent had been tied in invisible steel ropes. This is a basic ninjutsu usable even by Genin, but its intensity will vary greatly according to the user's level. In addition, depending on the user, the technique can be cast on every target at once, and won't fail a shinobi during his missions. This debilitates the victim for a short period of time, which allows the user to either strike again or, in some cases, take the target into custody.

Clone Technique
Detail: This technique creates intangible copies of the user. The clones are simply illusions and will dissipate when they come into contact with something. The illusions can be seen through by the Byakugan and the Sharingan.

Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Detail: A technique that uses the Shadow Clone jutsu to Multiplicate a single Shuriken into Multiple Shuriken, the amount depending on the person Using it.[/spoiler]

Weapons: Two Katana's, one in a Muramasa Style, one in a Murasame Style. Each is held within an unadorned Sheath, both Sheaths are attached to the waist by a think Leather Belt. [/spoiler]
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Completed!!! Finally!

Name: Takeshi Uchiha

Age: 14

Rank: Genin

Village: Konoha (Leaf)

Kekki Genkei: Sharingan 2 tomoe

Bijuu: None


As he is now: [img]http://bestuff.com/images/images_of_stuff/210x600/anime-boys-100027.jpg[/img]

Later, at age 18: [img]http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/clubs/1/91624m.jpg[/img]

btw, i didn't make these pictures, i found them on Google Images[/spoiler]

Background: Takeshi's childhood was full of training and hardship. Though he was always told he wasn't strong enough to become an ANBU, he continuously dreamt and trained to be as close as he could to that dream. Since the Uchiha clan is all but extinct, he was raised by the Hyuuga Clan instead. Every once in a while, one of his relatives would come by and practice with him. When he graduated from the academy, he learned his signature technique, Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Chakra Nature(s): Fire Release

Personality: He is the talented type of ninja who likes testing his skills against strong foes, but he also like negotiating before fighting. He has somewhat of a relaxed personality, along with the burning desire he has to help his friends out of danger.


Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu
Fire Style: Pheonix Flower Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu

Weapons: A small knife and a katana.
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