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Danger! This Thread is smexy


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This is a new Archetype, known as Cthulhu, which is an Archetype of Trap and Spell Monster. Unlike regular Trap and Spell Monsters, these cards are not all Continuous, and are not treated as Spell/Trap when summoned (so they do not waste 2 spaces). They specialize in Swarm and field control. When destroyed as a monster, they become regular Spell and Trap cards, and have a special effect. There is no specific type. Spell Monsters are all LIGHT, whereas Traps are all DARK. Unlike other Decks, Cthulhu Decks can be made entirely of Spell and Trap Cards, with no monsters. As always, I will post more card as more posts come in.

[spoiler=Cthulhu - Conjurer]

You can only activate this card by Tributing 2 monsters. Special Summon this card (Machine-Type/DARK/Level 7/ATK 2800/DEF 1800). This card is treated as an Effect Monster while face-up on the field (it is not treated as a Trap Card). This card cannot be negated. Once per turn, while you control another "Cthulhu" monster, you can activate 1 "Cthulhu" Trap Card from your Graveyard. When this card is destroyed while as a monster, you can Set it. If this card is Set by the effect of a "Cthulhu" monster, its effect is treated as this: Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Negate the attack and add 1 "Cthulhu" Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.[/spoiler]
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