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Gladiator Beast Deck


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Well, as most Yu-gi-oh! players know, the Gladiator Beast series is one of the highest tiers in the Meta Game today. Please note that this is my version of a good Gladiator Beast Deck and I will gladly take any of your suggestions that would make this better.

[u][b]Gladiator Beast Deck: 44[/b][/u]

[b]Monsters: 17[/b]

1- G.B. Bestiari
2- G.B. Darius
2- G.B. Equeste
3- G.B. Hoplomus
3- G.B. Laquari
2- G.B. Murmillo
1- G.B. Octavius
2- G.B. Secutor
1- G.B. Spartacus

[b]Spells: 15[/b]

2- Collosseum - Cage of the G.B.
3- G.B. Battle Manica
2- G.B. Respite
2- Gladiators Return
2- Gladiators Proving Ground
1- Monster Reborn
2- Mystical Space Typhoon
1- Indomitable G.B.

[b]Traps: 12[/b]

3- Defensive Tactics
2- Parry
2- Disarm
2- G.B. War Chariot
2- Double Tag Team
1- Mirror Force

[b]Extra Deck: 5[/b]

2- G.B. Herakilnos
2- G.B. Gyzarus
1- G.B. Gaiodiaz
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