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Street Fighter Card(s) - Possible Set


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[size="2"]I'm pretty new, so just give me your thoughts and CnC. Will add more if people think it's alright.

[spoiler=UBT-EN000 "Street Fighter - Ryu of Virtue]
This card can only be Summoned when you control 1 or less monsters. Both players can only control up to 2 monsters. When a card with "Special Technique" in its name targets this card, you can send 1 card you control to the Graveyard to add that card to the bottom of your Deck.
[spoiler=UBT-EN001 "Special Technique - Hadoken!]
You can only activate 1 "Special Technique - Hadoken!" per turn. Select 1 face-up monster with "Street Fighter" in its name on the field. Increase that monster's ATK by 300 until the end of the turn. If the selected monster destroys a monster by battle the turn this card is activated, draw 1 card.
[spoiler=UBT-EN002 "Special Technique - Shoryuken]
This card can only be activated during the Damage Step. Select 1 card with "Street Fighter" in its name. Remove the monsters battling from play. Both players can discard 1 card from their hand to Special Summon their removed monster at the End Phase of the turn this card is activated.
[spoiler=UBT-EN003 "Street Fighter - Chun-Li of Truth]
When a card with "Special Technique" in its name is activated, change the Battle Position of this card. When this monster declares an attack, switch its ATK and DEF until the End Phase of the turn. If this card destroys a monster by battle, you can put the destroyed monster to the top of the owner's Deck instead of the Graveyard. When this card is destroyed by battle, you can send this card to the top of your Deck or discard 1 card from your hand. [/spoiler][/spoiler][/size]
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