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Wangs Cassino!

Grunt Issun

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Hello, and welcome to Wangs cassino (Soon to be Wangs bar if it gets active enough)

We have several games to play, where you can win points, or lose them all. Other games to be added with popularity


Game rules:
BlackJack - I, with a real deck of cards, will deal us each a card, if you want to keep it, post stop, if you have more then I do, you win, if you want to keep going post "hit me" I'll deal agian, if you go over 21, you lose, if I have a higher value without going over 21 I win. points are doubled.

Slots: I will have three randomizers go through the same terms, depending on what you get, you get a certian amount of points. must have 3 of
7: 100
Y: 50
C: 25
M: 10
W: 5
G: 5
(2 of) O: 5

Roulete: I will have one randomizer go through numbers 0-36, you must bet on either

A number: X20 points
A color: X2
Even or odd: X2
first, second, or third twelve: X5

Minimum bet for all is 10 points on all games.
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