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Prehistoric Rage (Complete)

Neosaur the II

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Terrible OCG

1) Tyrannosaurus Rex needs a tuner monster, you can't summon it by equipping a monster with an equip card, it takes away the point of it being a synchro monster
2)No monster has an effect that takes 3/4 of a monster's attack, nor is it stated like that
3) If Cretaceous Cataclysm is going to be a counter trap, what triggers the effect
4) Bring Stegosaurus's DEF down by a lot
5)Change the effect of Bio-Evolution entirely
6)Sicked Whistle and Utahraptor need to read as follows:
7) Daspletosaurus is OP'd even for it's effect and level

overall, 1.5/10 is being gracious
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You should honestly at least learn how to play before even attempting to create cards. and even the, it is important to learn what is OP'ed, what is UP'ed, and all the OCG. all in all a horrible set. good idea though, despite the fact that dinosaur cards are common and have effects similar to these. 1.5/10
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