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gravekeeper deck


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yo! this is a gravekeeper deck i built a few months ago, so far i've won every duel i brought it into, but i wanted some new ideas on what should be taken out, or what should be put in, so please give me some constructive critisism! 43 cards total.

charm of shabti x1
gravekeeper's commandant x1
gravekeeper's visionary x1
gravekeeper's spy x2
gravekeeper's chief x1
gravekeeper's assailant x2
gravekeeper's cannonholder x1
gravekeeper's gaurd x2
gravekeeper's descendant x1
gravekeeper's spear soldier x1
gravekeeper's curse x1
mystic tomato x1
viser des x1
lava golem x1
newdoria x1
legendary fiend x1
dark jeroid x1

field barrier x1
necrovalley x2
mystical space typhoon x2
allure of darkness x1
gravekeeper's stele x1
book of moon x1
nightmare's steelcage x1

coffin seller x1
shadow spell x1
nightmare wheel x1
divine wrath x1
mirror force x1
dark illusion x1
cumpulsory evacuation device x2
metal reflect slime x1
dust tornado x1
scrap-iron scarecrow x1
cemetary bomb x2
rite of spirit x1
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