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Unlike the majority of elements sets, you have fire, water, earth, and air to work with (and light/dark if your lucky) you will have TWELVE elements to work with. Each contestant may select the element they will be working with and we will begin at (you could probably guess by now) 12 contestants OR after April 1st (15 days) so BE PATIENT!


[spoiler=Specifics]Entry Fee= 15 points (donations greatly accepted)


Pot= 55 (entries+donations)


Prize distribution:

1st) 50% of pot + 1 rep

2nd) 30% of pot

3rd) 20% of pot


Judging: send a PM, your bound to get in if your lv3 or up. if not ill have to take a look at your profile and forum history first. Judges get +1 rep

[spoiler=Judges]1: Elemental Dragon

2: Maha Guns

3: Me (TJP12409)



OCG) -/5

Looks) -/10

Originality) -/15

Relation to Element) -/30

Effect & Playability) -/40

TOTAL= -/100


Rounds & Eliminations:

3 rounds...

Round 1: 4 eliminated

Round 2: 4 eliminated

Round 3: Final round



[spoiler=RULES (read me!)]1: COMPLETELY ORIGINAL CONTENT, don't copy someone else's cards.

2: NO CHEATING, I don't know how you could cheat, but don't try.

3: BE ON TIME, unless something earth-shattering happens, make sure your card is in on time.

4: FORUM ETIQUETTE, just follow all of the YCM rules <_<





[spoiler=Elements List][spoiler=Fire:]

The Fire element is highly destructive; usually with a higher attack, but very brittle in defense. The Fire element uses destructive skills to destroy opponent spells, traps, and sometimes monsters.




Ice, alchemy, and aquatic beings are under the control of the Water element. Well balanced in attack and defense and works well with all other elements. The water element uses skills like Freeze to slow their opponent down or bring them to a halt.


Entrant) .:Gister Knows:.


The Earth element controls metals, minerals, and terrestrial beings. much higher on the defensive side, use skills such as burrow to remove them as a target to attacks, spells, or traps but greatly reduce their attack power in the process.




The Air element domains over gasses and airborne creatures an use their extra mobility in flight to increase the damage they can deal using skills like Dive.




The Light element grants blessings and befriends righteous beings. Using the light elements skills, you can bestow greater power on your creatures or heal them while dealing damage to darkness or death.




The Dark element is the key to subtleness sly and sneaky acts and manages the creatures who lurk in the dark. It can help you hide and sap energy from your opponent, using vampiric like skills, or stealing right from under your opponents nose.


Entrant) Sorin Markov


The Life element rules over a wide variety of powerful creatures, often times life is used to heal any damage taken and then strikes back with a few quick blows using skills like heal and adrenaline.




The Death element deals with poisoning and infecting, and take advantage of the taken souls of their enemies monsters to strengthen its own monsters and raise defenses.




The Time element has control over the order of events, often manipulating it by slowing the opponent, reversing actions, or speeding up itself.




Aether is the domain of the immobile things; it is where the stars reside and the media where all the energy waves move. The Aether element excels in manipulating the dimensions and electricity; most creatures are immaterial and can avoid being the target of spells and traps, however they lack a useful skill if they are.




The Gravity element deals with mass and size, their ability to accelerate objects makes it a formidable enemy. Using skills like Momentum, it's creatures can burst through most defenses, and Gravity pull to redirect most attacks.




Entropy is randomness; it is what makes glass unfixable once shattered. Entropy deals with chaotic and random creatures, often times trying its luck using skills that require chance. However, if successful, the effects can be devastating.







WATER: .:Gister Knows:.




DARK: Sorin Markov









[spoiler=Rounds][spoiler=Round 1]


[spoiler=Round 2]


[spoiler=Round 3]







-Except for Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark, the attribute for monsters DO NOT have to match

-these elements are from elementsthegame.com, I did not come up with them and hold no rights.

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Awesome! thanks for joining! im actually going to have to extend the entry date though... so be patient if you can please, ill PM you when I put up the first round.


BTW: its just water, this isnt magic the gathering


Competition start date changed to April 1st! 15 days left!

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