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Hyper Psycic Blaster


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"[i]This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by removing from play 1 "Hyper Psychic Blaster"[/i] ([b]From where?[/b])[i]. When this card battles, this card's ATK becomes equal to the monster it's battling.[/i]"

I tried fixing up the OCG. I know the last effect is off, but I don't know what it's trying to do. Does the ATK become the [i]same[/i] as the monster its attacking or do you add to it? Also, specify where you remove HPB from. Graveyard, field, or Extra Deck. I would suggest either Graveyard and/or field.
Nest, what in the hell is "Pheanix"? Do you mean "Phoenix"? You also spelled "Psychic" wrong a total of three times; it's "Psychic", not "Psycic"/"Phsycic". Also, two types aren't allowed on a card, decide between Psychic or Pyro. If you really want it to be "two types", put, "[i]This card is treated as a ****-Type while face-up on the field.[/i]" (Of course, replace ****-Type with whatever you don't use), somewhere in the effect. The image is also horrible.

I really don't see how this card would help Psychic decks. Maybe change the effect to something that deals with Life Points? For this stuff, 2/10, for effort.
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