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Pokemon Evolution Contest


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Okay, This is going to require some creativity. You must make a set of these three pokemon cards: Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Swampert. The rules are:

  • The cards must relate to each other in a way that simulates evolution
  • You MUST use Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Swampert
  • You may have up to 2 extra cards if they are needed to summon the monsters

They will be rated on:

  • How balanced it is
  • How good the picture is
  • How creative the evolution process is
  • How good the overall card is
  • Overall effect


1st place: 3 reps

2nd place: 2 reps

3rd place: 1 rep


The contest ends on Febuary 5th. Have fun!

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Okay, finally got around to posting my entries. With your permission I'd like to expand this into a set or something. ^^



To make things a bit clearer I'll explain each of them so you can understand them. Keep in mind that I used the Armed Dragon cards for some help with the cards, mainly though with the ATK and DEF but of course lower than the Armed Dragon cards.


Mudkip - No real special ability, it's also fairly weak on ATK and DEF but allows evolution when it manages to cause damage to evolve itself into Marshtomp.


Marshtomp - Okay this gets slightly tricky on explanations, now at this stage Mudkip is now in it's 2nd Stage of Marshtomp and gains a 200 ATK bonus for each Water-Attribute monster on the field including itself, in addition the same rule of evolution from Mudkip applies to Marshtomp, keep in mind the ATK and DEF is within reason as well or so I hope.


Swampert - Okay now with Swampert I've clearly stated that it can't be Normal Summoned or Set and can only be Special Summoned by Marshtomp or on the rare occasion with Endured Evolution, I've also included a sweet effect that allows it to obliterate fire monsters with it's effect which is based on the principal of Water > Fire. Again I've tried to keep the ATK and DEF within reason.


Endured Evolution - This card is probably the hardest of the four to understand so I'll try and explain it as best as I can. The concept in this is to simply bypass the simple rule of monster evolution by using a special means to bypass that evolution, in this instance one could simply rid themselves of Mudkip and summon Swampert, so for example you would remove from your hand your Mudkip plus monsters whose star levels added together are SEVEN or more since Swampert is a SEVEN star monster, with that in mind you could then Special Summon Swampert using an alternative method that forces you to remove monsters from play.

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