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Coincidental mass trolling.
Just that time, one year or so left before the next presidential elections. And she's been talking about running again.
Plus, she's become as unforgettable as George Bush in the eyes of those with no real political perception.
The ones that do just laugh and refuse to acknowledge her existence.
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[quote name='Darkplant' timestamp='1300103566' post='5073069']
Can someone tell me who the hell Sarah Palin is?
1. She is really dumb.

2. She is a politician.

3. She wants to be President.

4. She lives in Alaska. (which we all know isn't really America)

5. She once said that she can see Russia from her backyard.
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[quote name='Opalmoon' timestamp='1300134353' post='5073909']
"Of course we've got to stand with our North Korean allies! Because we're bound by treaty!"


> North Korean
> allies

What the hell?

Sarah Palin is a disgrace to humanity. When I saw Glenn Beck for the first time, I assumed that there could be no one, conservative or liberal, who was as dumb as him. Then I noticed that McCain gave Palin the vice presidental spot for the Republican ticket. It snowballed into everyone realizing she was absolutely retarded. You don't know what the Bush doctrine is, you can't name a single newspaper you read, you can't name a single founding father, and you're retarded.

She should honestly just die, and soon. If aliens were to come here and rate our society on intelligence, the last person I would show them would be Sarah Palin. I would literally show aliens any other person on Earth, regardless of lack of education or lack of knowledge. She's supposed to be [i]educated[/i], but we know that it is utter bullshit.
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