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FINISHED Retrain that Vanilla #1 *Updated Prizes*


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There are a lot of contests I want to hold but I figured I should start by getting some practice with my simplest idea.



1: All general YCM rules apply.

2: Serious card submissions.

3: Most contest I do accept written cards will be accepted but this will be an exception since art will be provided.

4: I prefer cards PMed to me rather then posted here. When contest ends I will post all entries.

5: 3 qualities I score based upon- creativity, balance, and playability.


Entry Fee = 1 point.



1st: 2 rep + 2 points.

2nd: 1 rep + 1 point

3rd: 1 rep.



Deadline = Monday March 21st.



Quite simple. I post a really old normal monster that nobody today would ever play with. You send me a retrained version with the same Attribute, type, ATK, DEF, and level but also with an effect! Optionally you may also send 1 support card of any card type (Fusion, Synchro, Spell, Trap, etc.) to support the retrained version and maybe the original.


I plan to make a new contest of this each week but the very first challenge shall be.....





Remember your card must be EARTH, warrior, 700 ATK, 1300 DEF, and level 3. You can add any kind of effect including being a tuner, gemini, etc. Also you can use the same exact art on the original card, I do not score art at all.


So please send your submissions and within a week I will post entries, announce a winner, give out the prize, close this contest, and begin Retrain that Vanillia #2!




The Wicked One

Maha Guns



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Its hard to get the 1st/2nd/3rd.


could you willing to add some prizes?


I'm sorry I am confused by what you mean. Currently the prize is double points for the entry fee plus the rep. Only reason it is so low is because this is my first contest and my points are still pretty low. Future contests will have greater prizes but I wanted the first to be a bit small as a bit of a practice one first.


Please join still though.


Aren't you meant to hve 150 posts before holding a contest?


Yes currently the 150 post requirement is gone. I am open to any feedback on how to make my contests better and more like people with 150+ posts. Please Join as well.



Darkplant I recieved your points and card.

The Wicked One I recieved your points and am awaiting your card.

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did written card accepted?


For this one contest I would prefer a full card just because you can use the same art as the original but yeah I'll accept written if you wish.



Who the hell is The Dark Plant? I don't see someone named so in YCM.





Yeah sorry, The Wicked One. Mixed together both of your names.

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Ok time the RESULTS!

Again let me re-upload the card being re-trained.




Based on his flavor text saying he uses weapons in both hands and tail I figured people would give him an effect relating to equip cards. My idea was upon being summoned (maybe only normal summoned) he could use Power Tool Dragon's search ability or something that can only be activated when he has 3 or more equip cards on him. No one did anything like this.


Instead almost all entries were tuners and almost all suported the Warrior type. Lets take a look at what everyone sent. I will just be going in the order I received them.





This card is treated as a Normal Monster. This card can be Special Summoned from you hand when you control 1 or more Normal Monster(s). When this card is used as a Synchro Material with a Normal Monster, you can select 1 of the other Synchro Material monsters and Special Summon it.


Very heavy normal monster support which is pretty cool. But some of the effects may seem innocent enough but can easily be used in unfair combos. While Gemini Monsters are consider Normal on the field and graveyard as well Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry is consider Normal in hand, there is no effect monster that is always considered Normal. Being able to be special summon from Enchanting Fitting Room and Swing of Memories as well as being searchable by Emissary of the Afterlife makes it an insanely powerful effect being considered Normal everywhere.


Further more the effect says you can special summon 1 of the synchro materials when used with a Normal monster but it does not state that all the materials must be normal or that the monster special summoned must be normal. So theoretically you could special summon Cyber Dragon, normal summon a level 1 normal (or even use One For One), and special summon Armail to synchro Mist Wurm (or Trishula) and then get to special summon Cyber Dragon back. That sounds quite powerful but could be more crazy. Special summon Armail (through its own effect or any number of ways to special summon Normal Level 3's) and then chain Inferno Reckless Summon to get 3 Armail. Synchro all 3 for Gottoms (Because he can be made with multiple Tuners as long as they are all Earth). Then each Armail's effect will trigger because each was synchroed with a normal monster (the other Armail) and therefor you get to special summon all 3 Armail back which lets you repeat the process until you have 3 Gottoms and 2 Armail or maybe you only special summon 1 Armail for the last one so you have a spot open for another monster to summon to synchro a level 6 like Broniac. All these pretty OTK combos only require about 2 cards in hand.


I really like the Normal support so it gets a lot of points for creativity and even playability because decks based around Non-Spellcasting Area would love this card. But the effects sadly have too many loopholes that could be exploited to destroy any balance this card would have.






I don't know why but this card is a lot like the previous entry. Its effects are toned back a bit. While it can ONLY synchro a Warrior type, it can special summon any material used which is still very powerful even with the restriction of only making Warrior type synchros. Turn 1 you could special summon Cyber Dragon and normal summon this guy to make Colossal Fighter and then special summon Cyber Dragon back. The naster combo is to synchro it with proto-cyber dragon for Gaia (Luckily not Goyo Gaurdian since he is banned now) and then Inferno Reckless Summon to have a field of Gaia, Proto-Cyber, and 3 Cyber Dragons. But that combo would require more set-up and being harder to pull off.


It seems pretty simple but that is sometimes a good thing. So only an average score in creativity. Any Warrior deck would definitely want to include this, he is very playable in a specialized deck. Despite a few balance issues with the effect it is overall not too bad. Only thing I would suggest was to maybe put some kind of restriction on what material can be special summoned (Like only Warrior or only Level 3 or lower).





Lore:Once per turn you can discard 1 Warior-Type monster to Increase this card's Level by 1. If this card would be destroyed as the result of battle you can Decrease it's Level by 1 and Decrease it's ATK and DEF by 300 instead. If this card's Level, ATK or DEF would be Reduced to 0 Remove this card from Play.



The discarding a warrior to adjust his level is pretty cool. But overall Fabled Raven seems a lot better except that his effect is permanent. As for the decreasing level and ATK/DEF ability I think you should have just left it out. Newer cards are having more permanent ATK/DEF/Level changes but most of which only happen once and are not a lot to keep track of. I feel most players would not want to constantly keep track of his level and ATK/DEF which both can change separately. Also this would die instantly if he attacked Reptilianne Naga.




Lore:"Armail" + 1 Non-Tuner Monster

Once per turn you can place 1 "Blade Arm" Counter on this card (Max. 4). Increase this card's ATK by 100 for each "Blade Arm" Counter on it. If this card would be destroyed as the result of battle you can Remove 4 "Blade Arm" Counters and pay 500 Life Points to destroy the attacking monster instead.




The idea is pretty nice and creative but actually I feel this is underpowered. It needs a certain turner which already says it can be a little bit more powerful then a generic synchro. It seems like it would take too long to get enough counters and it and not enough gain for it. I think it should need a lower max like only 2 or 3 and to have the ATK increase be more like 200.


Only entry to take advantage of submitting a support card so that is interesting. Creativity does seem decent, the effects are overall a bit different and nifty. But as stated I don't think many people would want to play with Armail due to its complexity or the synchro for being so slow in getting its effect off. As far as balance, these cards are actually under-powered and could been a bit more effective.


Maha Guns

Berserk Armaill

EARTH / Level 3 / Warrior / Effect

ATK 700 / DEF 1300

FLIP : Pay 700 Life Points to destroy all Synchro Monsters on the field. Then you can Special Summon Level 5 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your Graveyard up to the number of the destroyed monster by this card's effect. During the End Phase of that turn, return the Special Summoned monster(s) to your hand.


I didn't realize it at first but this is the only entry to have a different name from the original which is a good thing! Also the only entry to not be a tuner. Instead we get good old-school flip effect made to punish new-school strategies. I do find it odd that it has a life point cost with its flip effect, most don't but Needle Ball does so it is fine. I also wondered why you choose Level 5 or lower instead of Level 4 or lower. Honestly the only Level 5 warriors I can see being useful special summon would be Freed the Matchless General, Silent Swordsman LV 5, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, or Scrap Warrior.


It is pretty cool to have a flip effect that hurts synchro monsters and summons warriors from your grave. I don't see it being very playable though. If your opponent isn't playing synchros then this card becomes almost useless unless you plan to creature swap them your synchro (which wouldn't be bad with Forumla Synchron). More of a side-deck card. It is certainty an unorthodox effect which makes balance hard to judge but I would say it is fair.



1: Punisheris

2: Maha Guns

3: Darkplant


I will give out prize immediately. Thank you for participating. Please join my next contest of Retrain that Vanilla #2! I will post a link here when ready!


EDIT: Retrain that Vanilla #2

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