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LOCK (I got him to explain a little bit better)

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It is very simple. The creator of that game posted rules that were not explained good enough. Someone could have easily posted the actual words "below code" and that person would have not been accepted to play.

The rule said "you must post:
1) riddle
2) answer
3) below code"

There was a code below but it said to actually post "below code". So I thought all you had to do was post what you could understand.

[b]This guy needs to learn to explain things.[/b]

Please don't say this doesn't need to be said. If you reply, just be a moderator saying you will help.
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I knew when I posted this but before I thought it was post the words "below code". He should of put the code where it says "below code".

[b]More than one person read the rules and didn't get it. I just thought he should explain it for other people.[/b]

p.s. I guess there was no point in this, but I thought it would help
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