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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist of Roses


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It was a long time ago, in England...
"This war has lasted much to long... How on earth will we end it?" Said Simon. "I have an Idea. Leave me to think out the details." Said Prince Henry. "Yes, my prince... I will leave you to organize your plan." After a little more than a few minutes, Henry had straightened his details. "How many of the Rose cards have you collected, Simon?" "Only . I need to find more of the Red Rose cards soon?" "Yes. It needs to be as quick- " Just then a stranger had walked in to the palace. The knights had been alarmed. They firmly placed there spears on his chest. "Prince Henry, an Intruder wishes to approach you. Shall we let him? He claims to have the 8th Red Rose card." Said the weakest of knights. "Yes, let me see this man who claims to have number 8. He will be a great asset to us if this is true." Prince Henry said very calm. "Alright then, but we will protect you as this, stranger, speaks to you."
"Hello prince Henry, I guessing you have found out my "great asset" haven't you?" Said the stranger. "Please hand it to me immediately. I wish to get visual contact of this card..."
He looked at it for several seconds. He carefully handed it to Henry. "It is real... But how did you get it?" Said Simon. "A great battler, I didn't catch is name." Said the stranger. "You have a plan involving these?" asked Simon. They got on a ship and traveled to Stone Henge. The put the cards in a circle, summoning a random battler from a future time. "What? Where am I?" Said 13 year old Cody Kraf. "Welcome to Egland 1831. We have summoned you rose duelist. I am Simon Mcmooran. And this is Henry Tudor, the prince. His true name is Yugi, but would rather be called Henry Tudor. Your name?" "Um... How did I get here?" Asked Tyrone. "You were summoned by the white rose cards. And again your name?" Said Henry. "I'm Cody Kraf. What am I doing here?" "We need to you to collect the rest of the rose cards. Currently no one is strong enough. We need your help, Cody Kraf." Said Simon Mcmooran. "Ok, but you have to return me home once we have won." "Thank you. I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the army of Red Roses." Right then, some one appeared. He looked mean, big, and bad. He was- Christan Rosenkruez, in flesh in blood. "Who is he?" "He is Christian Rosenkruez. The leader of white roses. Currently he is unbeatable. No one can defeat him." Explained Simon. "I we have met again Henry Tudor. This time, I wish for a battle. That, or your Rose- Hmm... You have a new asset I see. Yet a weaker one. Maybe a little training and he can become more than worthless." Said Christian. "Thank you for the chat. I wish to not have your presence." said Henry.
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