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Survivor Hawaii all-stars

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[spoiler='how this fanfic works']
Every Saturday, Wednsday, and Friday i will post a new naration of every episode just like in the wikipedias! So please enjoy. But here is a small preview of the first episode by giving you its name: Aloha and goodbye. It will be posted today as a celebration, just wait.
[spoiler='more about this fanfic itself']
There are 36 contestants, 8 from the past 4 seasons plus the people voted out first in each. Once they get to the beach they learn that there are 4 parts of this game. In each one they will get a chance to bring somebody voted out back into the game. For the first return twist people voted out will vote one boy and one girl back in the game before a tribal swap.They are then randomly split into 3 tribes of 12.[/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler='beggining to swap']
Russel S. (samoa)
Brett (somoa)
Shambo (samoa)
[s]Laura (samoa)[/s] 1st out
ruperst (pearl islands)
colby (australia)
amanda (china)
candace (cook isalnds)
Fabio (nicaragua)
chase (nicaragua)
brenda (nicaragua)
Na Onka (ncaragua)[/color]
Philip (redemption island)
Matt (redemption island)
Kristina (redemption island)
Andrea (redemption island)
Ralph (redemption island)
Steve (redemption island)
Stephanie (redemption island)
Sarita (redemption island)
Marty (nicaragua)
Dan (nicaragua)
Holly (nicaragua)
Jane (nicaragua)[/color]
Liz (samoa)
Russel H (samoa)
Jaison (samoa)
Natalie (samoa)
Rob (marqueses)
Coach (tocantines)
Sandra (pearl islands)
parvati (cook islands)
Marissa (samoa)
Sugar (gabon)
Wendy (nicaragua)
Francessca (redemption island)

[spoiler='Episode 1 - Aloha and goodbye']
-Immunity/Reward challenge
5 tribemembers would search for 4 keys and 1 flag in the sand. After finding the 5 items they would give it to 4 tribemembers who use the keys to open a gate to 1 tribemember on a plank. They would lift the 1 tribemember up to a zipline with the flag. The 1 castaway would zipline down to one last castaway waiting at a fagless flag pole. They would recieve the flag and attatch it to the flagpole and raise the flag, winning the game.
-Winners: 1st Vifo 2nd Ezape
-Reward: 1st place recieves flint

In the season opener, after being split into 3 tribes russel goes up to his old tricks. Forming his old alliance with Natalie and Jaison from samoa, and Parvati from heroes vs villians. He also befriends coach, marissa, and sugar. At the Ezape tribe, Phil immediately has a hard time with being social. Nobody seems to be in any alliance at the tribe, but everyone seems positive that if they lose a challenge he will be the one to go. Last, but not least on the Floralu tribe, russel attempts to make an alliance with Brett, Rupert, Colby, Fabio, Chase, and surprisingly Shanbo. Russel is successful and decides that Laura would most likely be the one to go. Shambo being on board 100%. At the immunity challenge Floralu lost. At tribal council russels alliance decided to split the vote between Laura and Na onka because she quit once, and nobody wants that to happen again. In the end, Laura got voted out with a vote of 7(L)-5(N).[/spoiler][/spoiler][/center]
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