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How to play Objection!!!
Attorney - Defend the accused, me first, Prosecutor's Rival
Prosecutor - Get the accused guilty by any means necessary, hates the attorney
Judge - Hear the evidence and witness testimonies and decide a verdict
defendant - Wait, sometimes attorney (Defends himself)
Witness - Give a good, lying testimony (Minimum: 1 Maximum: 3)
Culprit - Commits the murder and pretends to be a witness
Witness (Out of court) - Attorney asks this person for more information on the crime.
Assistant - Helps Attorney in and out of court

Roles are randomly assigned.

Type "OBJECTION!!!" to activate OBJECTION MODE

In OBJECTION MODE, you are objecting to either a testimony or a statement by the Prosecutor. (Reversed if Prosecutor)

Attorney: "OBJECTION!!!" "If you're so sure that the table was seen through that window, then tell us. *slams hands on desk and points* HOW COULD YOU SEE IT?!?!"
Witness: "WHAT?!"
Attorney: "According to this Crime Scene Map, the table was right next to the window, behind the wall. YOU COULDN'T HAVE POSSIBLY SEEN IT!!!"
Witness: "Why you little... *Grrr*
Judge: "I'm baffled with this as well. could you explain this to us?"
Attorney: "I can explain Your Honor. He saw it because HE WAS THE CULPRIT!!!
Witness: *mmmmmm* "I-I-I c-can e-e-explain that y-your honor!!!"
Attorney: "I don't think you can... according to this Secondary analysis of the room, there were wet footprints about 1 and a half inches long, 3 quarters of an inch wide. about your shoe size, correct?"
Attorney: "I thought so--"
Prosecutor: "OBJECTION!!!" "There are many people with that shoe size in this city. how can you be sure that it was him who killed Mr. Johansen, HMMM?!"
Attorney: "OBJECTION!!!" "Actually, The analysis, the wet footprints were actually bootprints. he also said earlier that he crafted the boots himself as a gift for his neighbor; HOWEVER, the police found the DNA of not the neighbor to the right, but THIS... VERY... WITNESS!!!"
Prosecutor: "OBJECTION!!!" "He also stated that he tested the boots at 5:00 PM before giving the boots to him."
Attorney: He did say that, but did he mention the new spark of technology the police department just got?!"
Attorney: "When they scan for DNA, they not only can find who it belongs to, but the time it came off as well, and it said 7:30, MEANING THE TIME OF THE MURDER!!!"
Jury: *Random Talking*
Judge: "Order!"

(Maybe i went too far, but i basically did both in one trial...)

You know what to do now. Speak now to play or forever hold your tongue!

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