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Does this go in Questions? Probably not...
Anyways, I'm semi-bored with my current layout. I was thinking of completely changing my user, as in name change, avi change, sig change, everything, the works. So here's the break down...
Current stuff is current. And then:
[spoiler=New avi][img]http://i46.tinypic.com/b4chlv.jpg[/img][/spoiler]
Prossible name changes:
You get the picture.
Sig would be something red(derp) and emo. Title would be emo as well. Maybe add some emo quotes to the sig.
This isn't something I'm gonna do half-way. I'm either completely changing or not at all. Take your pick.
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[quote name='King.' timestamp='1300256916' post='5076526']
[size="3"][font="Times New Roman"][b]No it goes in this thread.http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/161062-name-change-suggestion-thread/[/b][/font][/size]
That's for name changes only, son.

[quote name='Darkplant' timestamp='1300258447' post='5076549']
The avi in your spoiler is ugly.
Thanks. I drew that btw.

[quote name='Fusion X. Denver' timestamp='1300285289' post='5076811']
If you're gonna do it, use Wred.But your current avi pwns that one by far.
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[quote name='Niashi Inumaki' timestamp='1300340213' post='5078400']
Thanks. I drew that btw.

Art theft be damned.

Don't [i]ever[/i] claim an art piece that obviously isn't yours as your own work.

And if you can prove me wrong, go for it. I'll apologize for this in the long run.

But seriously, respect has ultimately dropped.
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