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OCG Help??



I've been arguing about the OCG of[b] Fusion Material Monster[/b].

Just to the point, which is the better between..

Example. 1 > 1 "Genex" monster + 1 "Genex" monster ,OR
Example. 2 > 2 "Genex" monsters

can anybody helps? this is to straight me out :)

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Seems to me if you only need monsters of a specific type (only "Genex" monsters) you would use Example 1, ending up with

1 "Genex" Monster + 1 "Genex" Monster

But if there is another monster (2 or more Genex Monsters and Stardust Dragon, for example,) you would use Example 2, with it ending up like

2 "Genex" monsters + Stardust Dragon

I'm not sure though.
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