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Warrior Conquest


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In this contest you should create 1 Warrior card (it can be Fusion Synchro etc.). It can be of any attribute you like.

Here are the rules:

1. There should be at least 10 contestants and 4 judges.

2. Each contestant will pay me 2 points to join this contest.

3. Each contestant should present 1 card only.

4. The prizes are:

Winner:8 points

2nd place:6 points

3rd place:3 points

Judges gets 15 points after the contest

Judges are:

1.Sorin Markov






Good Luck!! :lol:

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Guest Sorin Markov

Can i judge and do the Judges get something for judging? JW (Just Wondering)?

And have a Chart that list the contestants and judges.

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To make a successful contest you should have:

Good prize as said by Darkplant.

Maybe judges with more experience to make it as fair as possible and finally


DONT neg people for trying to help or make you understand. I have +rep Darkplant since you negged him for absolutely no reason! Also, whats the point in making a written card if they need the pic. You might as well put it into the card frame and voila! You have a proper card. So I think the point was no image just saying

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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