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Inverz deck!!!(or Steelswarm)

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hello there guys it's been a while seen i logged in again
i have thought of an inverz deck and i would like to share it with you any comments and suggestions are always welcome
also what do you think will this archtype be meta or not?
2x Inverz Scout
3x Inverz Cell
2x Inverz Gatekeeper
3x Inverz Caller
1x Inverz Longhorn
1x Inverz Hercules
1x Inverz Mantis
3x Inverz Girastag
2x Inverz Moth
1x Inverz Caucastag
1x Dad
2x Armagedon knight
2x Stygian Street Patrol
1x Reborn
2x Mystical
1x Trunade
1x Dark hole
2x Recurring Knightmare
1x Allure
1x Foolish
2x Bottomless
1x Solemn
1x Torrential
1x Mirror
1x D.Prison
1x Trap Stun
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[quote name='Chihaya Kisaragi' timestamp='1300425820' post='5080459']
Dark Grepher? Or Forbidden Lance in case Hercules might get hit by either a Book or Bottomless, with that new Priority Ruling and what not.
No First Step Towards Infestation? >-{-D:<, that thing is so pro when you know when to use it, like when Girastag might get D-Prison'd.
lance is pro i agree i don't like the first step and grepher may be usefull but maybe not :blink:
but i don't know what to take out

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