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My Normal/Gemini and Monarch Deck

Neal Layton

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Normal/Gemini Deck




Insect Knight X1

Alien Shocktrooper X3

Sabersaurus X3

Gagagigo X1

Blazing Inpachi X1

Neo Bug X1

Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World X2

Goggle Golem X3

Dawnbreak Gardna X3

Ancient Gear Knight X3

Infinity Dark X3

Shadow Delver X3

Lycanthrope X1




Synthesis Spell X1

Advanced Ritual Art X1

Swing of Memories X3

Super Double Summon X2

Lightning Vortex X1




Trap Jammer X3

Flashbang X1

Magical Cylinder X1

Strike Slash X2




Monarch Deck




Cyber Dragon X3

Raiza the Storm Monarch X1

Mobius the Frost Monarch X1

Zaborg the Tunder Monarch X1

Granmarg the Rock Monarch X1

Red Gadget X2

Yellow Gadget X2

Green Gadjet X2

Twin-Headed Behemoth X1

Man-Eater Bug X3

Gemini Elf X1

Luster Dragon X2




Bait Doll X1

Swords of Revealing Light X1

Double Summon X1

Mystical Space Typhoon X1

Heavy Storm X1




Sakuretsu Armor X3

Negate Attack X3

Compulsory Evacuation Device X2

Magic Drain X2

No Entry X3

Dimension Wall X2



Can anyone give me any advice on how to improve these decks please?

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