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Hydra archetype!!!


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Wazzup! Long time since I've been in this website, but I took direct action and found something epic to make.
Probably ALOT of OGC errors but whatever.(Maybe u can tell me how I should write it correctly?)
Well here it comes: The hydra monsters are monsters that can attack multiple times, which includes twice. Also, effects can be activated depending on the amount of cards in your hand. you will have to discard cards in order to activate them, but you will be rewarded with nice effects and also with a draw effect somethimes. This deck is based on summoning Hydra Queen. Which is probably the best card of the Hydra archtypes. Though Hydra king is stronger, its harder to summon and will annoy you by the need of using a fusion summon spell card.
Well since these monsters can attack twice during the battle phase, their attack is kinda low, except of hydra queen and hydra king. You will probably need cards that increase your ATK or discrease the opponents ATK. Since many effects consist on discarting, recovery cards can be greatly used, like monster reborn and so on. also, the ATK is not very high so you can use Damage=Reptile to swarm your opponent (Since they are all Reptile-Type). More combining cards? Pot of avarice could be an incredibly usefull card since it return discarted cards to your deck. The problem with this deck is that you could have trouble with using cards from your hand since you send them to the graveyard. try to avoid cards that makes you discard. like Offerings to the doomed. and tribute to the doomed. Pot of greed is forbidden, but in case you dont care about that (Like me, I treat them as limited) Then its probably the best card to combine! Also jar of greed helps out alot. Cards that make you discard like Lightning storm, are strong but tricky in this deck. you need to keep you hand full, and empty at the same time. your hand needs to be around 1, 2 or 4 cards to activate effects. For the rest idk what could be greatly combined with this deck. Maybe U know something?

Anyway here are the cards!:

1 'Hydra' Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Monsters.
This Card is unaffected by Trap cards. This card can attack twice during the battle phase. If a 'hydra' monster would be destroyed by battle, except this card, you can remove from play 1 Repltile-Type monster from the graveyard instead. If you have no Reptile-Type monsters in your graveyard, Return this card to the Extra Deck and draw 2 cards from your deck.

Ultra Rare

'Hydra Queen' + 1 'Hydra' Monster.
This card is unaffected by Trap cards. This card can only attack by discarting 1 card from your hand. This card can attack Trice during the Battle Phase.

Ultra Rare

This card can attack twice during the battle phase. When you have only 1 card in your hand, you can discard it and look at the top 3 cards of your deck, then you can rearrange them in any order and put them back to the top of your deck.


This card can attack Twice during the battle phase. When you have exactly 2 cards in your hand, you can send them to the graveyard to draw 1 card and special summon 1 level 4 or lower 'Hydra' Monster from your deck.


This card can attack Twice during the battle phase. When you have exactly 4 cards in your hand, you can discard 2 of them to destroy 1 card on the field. When this card is destroyed by battle and send to the graveyard, draw 1 card from the bottom of your deck.


This Card is not a hydra monster but uses his effects for this deck only.
Your opponent cannot target 'Hydra' monsters with the effects of spell, trap or effect monsters effects while this card is on the field.

Secret Rare

Hope you like it and I'd be very happy if somebody can correct my OGC errors and tell me some good combinations so that I can make a fake deck :)

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