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[AoS] YGO TCG / Realistic Cards Poll : Archetype Numbers [POLL/DISC]


Just Some Archetype Number Questions and Whatnot ~  

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  1. 1. How many Cards do you make in an Archetype that you are well, making (In Realistic Cards) ?

    • 0-10
    • 10-20
    • 20-30
    • 30-40
    • 40+
  2. 2. How many Cards do you think an Archetype has in the actual YGO Card Game / TCG ?

  3. 3. How many Cards do you think an Archetype should have in General ?

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I know it may be stupid, but it's just that my 2 current Archetypes have 40 cards, but I find that finding pics / different effects for each one can be frustrating. It also makes it somewhat useless to think that in an actual Deck, some of the cards won't be used, and at the least, if released, only used when you can't afford another one. So I've been thinking recently if I should cut down on the amount of cards my Archetypes have in the future, just to make it easier and it makes it less frustrating to find pics and whatnot, but I'm not sure how many cards should an Archetype actually have to stay consistent / have all the cards used as well.

So yeah, voting in the poll would be very, very appreciated. Also, discuss Archetypes in General just to stir up some conversation and whatnot. My favorite be Chaos. Say it isn't an Archetype? Well then my good sir / ma'm, f*** you. (I say this in the most polite way).
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[quote name='Darkplant' timestamp='1300326251' post='5078013']
Most archetypes existing have less than 10, most likely less than 5. I make mine to have 10 to 15 because I think they should all be so.
Thank you for your input.

Less then 5 eh? That's so....small compared to others (inb4penisjoke).
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