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Evil Strikes


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These cards are like evil vergins of the original 5 dragons! check them out and Rate.


Ability:You must pay 1000 Life Points to Normal Summon this card. This card gains 100 attack each time it declares an attack. This card can attack your opponent directly and cannot be targeted for an attack itself.


Ability:1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "Dark Core" monsters. When this card attacks a card on your opponents side of the field it gains 1000 attack. This card can be tributed to destroy all cards on you opponents side of the field.


Ability:1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "Dark Core" monsters. Once per turn, if this card attacks an Attack position monster, destroy all face-up Attack position monsters you opponent controls. Then, all your monsters gain the attack of the monsters destroyed by this effect.


Ability:This card can be Normal Summoned without Tributing. If you do, it is destroyed at the End Phase. Destroy any card that your opponent controlls that declares an attack.

P.s.I lost Ancient Fairy Dragon somewhere.....
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pointl We should tell them why and used complete sentences and tell them what he need to do better.....

Op'ed make more balanced effect...a down Side
Pictures: dont just invert do anime type thing......
OCG errors i really don't know a way to make people better other then i know where its wrong XD
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