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"Beat That Card" Contest


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This is a simple contest. Be sure to read ALL OF THE RULES.


[spoiler=Rules] 1: All YCM rules apply

2: You must follow the deadlines or else you are automatticly eliminated

3: Your post must be in bold to enter

4: Entry Fee of 15 points

5: There will be 5 Contestants

6: There are 3 Rounds, in each round, someone will be eliminated. The final round will be the three left contestants. If you make it to the final round, you will win something.



[spoiler= What to do] For each round, i will one Monster card and one Field Spell card. You must create a topic of my choice to beat the card. For example, If the Card is a Beast Type Level 7 Monster with a field spell that increases its attack, you will have to create a card or cards to beat it.



[spoiler= Contestants]1:








[spoiler= Round 1] 229399.jpg


Create a Level 7 Light Attribute Monster with an Attack between 2400-2900 with an effect of discarding cards to gain attack. The monster can gain a Maximum of 400 Attack.


Also, create a Level 2 Light Attribute Union Monster that can only be Equiped to a Light Attribute Monster. The Equiped Monster can gain a Maximum of 500 Atk.



You will be judged by this:

OCG: ?/10


Relation to the Round Topic:?/15

Total: ?/30

.:TheLooker:. is the judge

[spoiler= Prizes] 1st= 2 Reps and 500 points

2nd and 3rd: 1 rep and 250 points


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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