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All Business( the club)


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I decided to start this club because I have not seen many clubs(at all, really?) devoted to the practice of Economic Deckbuilding. This club is all about helping people find the answer to the question," What cards should I keep so that I could build my own Deck and not have to spend tons of cash"? Basically, good cards that you could get cheaply that honestly improve a Deck, without being ultra specific in the text. For example, Monster Reborn.

Rules: Well, only rule here is that any and all applicants MUST respect me as I do them. If you want to be a Jerk, congrats! You're not getting in, though.

Application process: Pm me and we will discuss in what way you can most efficiently use your services to assist this club.

Ranks: We have 4:

Suit: The guy who interacts on here quite a lot. A suit's job is to find out what is popular, and see if the cards that make it up can help the club in its main goal.

Stockholder: These guys have the important task of buying cards. Specifically, the newest cards, and seeing what cards from those packs can benefit the club.

D.I.B( Duelist in black): These guys go to tournaments and try to find cards that may benefit the club, especially for a tournament setting.

Accountant: Anybody in this rank, has the job of constantly searching the wiki and internet for cards to benefit the club, as well as keeping the club up to date on the official banlist.

Thats about all for now. I will be adding the clubs Official Decklist to this page shortly.
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